Puyo Puyo Tetris (Xbox One/PS4/PS3/Vita/Wii U/3ds) Review!

Here’s a game that you can’t hate, Puyo Puyo Tetris for every next gen system and the PS3. It’s a great game that’s fun and addicting.


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19 thoughts on “Puyo Puyo Tetris (Xbox One/PS4/PS3/Vita/Wii U/3ds) Review!”

  1. Wait…? 3ds?? Is it coming to europe?? Or not… it is just to Switch & PS4…

  2. You forgot the (extremely rare) English arcade version of Puyo Puyo and Puyo Pop.

  3. Veldhuis94 says:

    Puyo Puyo Tetris is being translated to English and will release on Switch and PS4 in spring!

  4. puyo puyo for the nx ps4.5 or ps5 and new xbox console

  5. Ahaha, primitive monkeys play Tetris, a game that could be made (and is made) for Nokia mobile phones!
    Real men play Mega Man!

  6. E Favela says:

    I heard that Microsoft is going to stop selling 360s.

  7. I wonder if the game will ever get a PC port..

  8. Thank God this channel is dying.

    Now all the Nintendo fanboys can stop bitching.

  9. I wonder what happened to Claude Dixon. Haven't seen him in a while. He hasn't blocked me so if he did comment I would still see them

  10. oxDestroxo says:

    Oh man, it's been a long time since I thought about Mean Bean machine. Not sure if it was because I was little when I played it, but I remember it being way more difficult than Puyo.

    Edit. There are also a few decent hidden Japanese games on the Xbox One that you can simply download as long as you have yen in your account instead of USD. Earth Wars, RAIDEN V, and the visual novels are OK if you can find a proper translation.

  11. hsien248 says:

    a good video from gligar ? has jesus gave us our wish ?

  12. A game that you like? Wow. I'm impressed.

  13. gskartwii says:

    I also recommend Tetris Online Poland/Wonderland and Nullpomino for the Tetris fans. Both are free and playable on Windows and Linux. And I definitely do agree that Tetris Ultimate and its Flash prequel Tetris Friends (especially the former) were just laggy failures. But amusingly the unofficial games run much better.

  14. nickisdoge says:

    Thanks people want good reviews on good games and not terrible reviews on really good games

  15. MajinBros says:

    Keep up the good work 😀

  16. Nothing can beat Bee Movie on 360, game of the decade.

  17. Yay you have something good to say for once.

  18. Memories of playing these 2 games <3

  19. Saul Brad says:

    Star fox zero is coming out in a few days, not sure if you're going to review it or not.

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