PS3 Game Review; Wipeout HD

Combat Racing on the PS3 just got fun. Wipeout HD is THE best reason to log in to the PSN store, find out why in this video review.
Blunty reviews WipeoutHD the fast, slick and thumping new futuristic racer on the playstation 3 network.
(so yes fanboys, please now shut up… I’ve “finally” reviewed a PlayStation3 game… now go to the comments and tell me what your custom soundtrack selection for this game would be… or just be asinine and question my ability to play, tell me how much better you are and how you could “pwn” me any day of the week like being a bit better at a Vidjagame than someone else makes you cool and will surely, finally, get you laid ;P )


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20 thoughts on “PS3 Game Review; Wipeout HD”

  1. Arcien says:

    Drum & Bass music is the best for games like this

  2. Dave Antics says:

    Hell yeah! Britney Spears! m/

  3. RCmies says:

    I played Wipeout HD today… I realised that it looked pretty good for a 2008 game. I can imagine how ''next gen'' this game looked back in 2008 running at 60fps 1080p 😀

  4. Jimmy Burke says:

    Is this the same as fury hd?

  5. Kevin Dass says:

    I think that a good soundtrack to race to in this game, at least for me, would have to be major tom-peter schilling, or even a hot remix of it.

  6. benchenzo says:

    Techno is the mostest bestest.

  7. JaxDaX1337 says:

    I think the game is good but the maps. Yeah they look gorgeous but are just pretty boring like one little shortcut in one whole map i have seen a better map's in game named jak 2 and that isnt a racing game at all. Overall the game is pretty good


    'NUF SAID!

  9. Javon246810 says:

    this game would be perfect with dubstep

  10. Venom Here says:


  11. The first WipEout game came out in 1995, there were no 3D F-Zero games out at the time, F Zero X came out 3 years later, and the gameplay felt much different to the F Zero on the SNES.

  12. gus051 says:

    hahaha brittney spears if your feeling hardcore

  13. wipe out. a wanna be racing game of f zero. sorry but f zero is very exciting with 30 pilots and a fast aderniline feeling.

  14. cool so the could stop being a f zero wanna be

  15. I did played it. Its too slow compared to F-ZERO anyway I dont really care about graphics Im not a graphic whore like you. Miss the fast aderline feeling. f zero forever.

  16. k1ngm0m0 says:

    i know right!!! i find it a lot more exciting and faster paced.

  17. instead of this they should make new f zero game -_-

  18. AMOKfaction says:

    Orbital – PETROL..which was actually part of the soundtrack on the first Wipeout

  19. My personal choice for a Wipeout soundtrack would be:
    prodigy – Firestarter
    Metallica – Fuel
    Deadmau5 Ft. Rob Swire – Ghosts 'n' Stuff
    Aviators – Constellations
    Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger
    Aviators – Worlds Collide
    Skrillix – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

    These are the songs that I personally listen to whenever i play Wipeout.

  20. syed shahid says:

    @vezonproductions bhbrgy

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