PERSONA 5 REVIEW | “Gaming Confidant” | ADG Short And Simple Review

Persona 5 Review, ADG Short And Simple Style with your hosts AntDaGamer aka ADG courtesy of Atlus for AntDaGamer ( & Find out if Persona 5 is worthy of being your new “Gaming Confidant”.

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18 thoughts on “PERSONA 5 REVIEW | “Gaming Confidant” | ADG Short And Simple Review”

  1. This is a great game. You can catch me playing it on the ADG Man Cave: Don't forget to leave likes, comments, shares, subs, etc to help support me continuing doing reviews and increase this videos ranking to draw and grow more community and subscribers to this channel. Thanks #P5 #Persona5 #AntDaGamer #ADGManCave #ADGShortAndSimpleReview #review #gamingreviews #rpg #jrpg #anime #gaming #videogames*

  2. Love your short and simple reviews. This is one of my favorites.

  3. Fredro says:

    Persona 5 is that game. Great review.

  4. Great Review!!! Atlus has done it again. Love you, Atlus and you too ADG!

  5. Myra Nagy says:

    Thanks for the review. I know it is hard to play and write about it. I appreciate you sharing your opinion.

  6. This is great. Love Persona.

  7. <-Check out ADG Wrestling Games Network.

  8. sasuke270 13 says:

    its up their with persona 4 golden and hatsune miku project diva future tone as my favorite games ever made

  9. Super Hot says:

    что за фигня?

  10. Sweetwater says:

    I wonder if they are going to do another fighting game. If so I'll wait for Persona 5 Arena Ultimax

  11. VG Pimpin says:

    Atlus and Persona 5 is straight pimpin!

  12. This game looks fun. If only I had 60 bucks.

  13. Still taking shots at ACG.. lol I don't blame you though.

  14. KaySlay says:

    Another game I have to save up to get. Good review!

  15. PSSwitchBox says:

    Still hoping this game comes to Nintendo Switch.

  16. So could this be the game of the year already?

  17. RPG Fanatic says:

    I love your reviews and I love Persona 5.

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