Pacific Rim: Uprising – Join the Jaeger Uprising

John Boyega wants you for the cause in this recruitment video.

Pacific Rim – Robot Quiz

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20 thoughts on “Pacific Rim: Uprising – Join the Jaeger Uprising”

  1. cool cod says:

    Anybody else also think that this was a game

  2. Ali Mirza says:

    Finn: Join the Yayga Uprising
    Poe: Join the..WHAT!

  3. Lorin Darby says:

    This looks like it's gonna be better than the first one.

  4. Nick Lyon says:

    What is that song

  5. suavevalen says:

    Ok. You have my attention

  6. Im confused?? Is it a movie or a game? lol

  7. Kevin Ye says:

    Is this a game or a movie? :S

  8. I got portal vibe from the voice

  9. This is going to be sick!

  10. Eric Pineda says:

    What is a TRAITOR!

  11. Dafta Nox says:

    So now they are operated by one pilot instead of 2

  12. LR18 says:

    Anyone else think that the voice over sounds suspiciously the same as gladous from the portal game series or is it just me?. Also that looked like the dad that died in the pacific rim movie.

  13. Spynmaster says:

    This Crackdown 3 content looks pretty cool

  14. TusBeos 123 says:

    It is a game or video?

  15. tejas tayade says:

    looks like GlaDOS took over the whole program

  16. I watched the first one the same time I got into Attack on Titan. When I heard they were called Jaegers I couldn't stop laughing.

  17. WARNING: Jaegers may contain Deadly Nuerotoxins.

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