Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in June 2017

Thanks for ya patience folks! Here ya recap on June. Source links below. Cheers!

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Couple kissing behind camera on air

Pakistan vs India Cricket Highlights

Valedictorian’s mic cut after he bashes school

Woman falls into basement of building

Canada Tornado

Australia’s Weekend Sunrise Red Pill Interview

Seinfeld Kesha Rejection

Boomer the Skating Cat

Schoolboys protest no shorts uniform policy

One Love Manchester

Baby Bounce on Dad’s Head

Lord Buckethead in the UK Election

Fair Dealing – parody, satire, review, commentary

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20 thoughts on “Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in June 2017”

  1. this wanker won't pin me!

  2. Nephilimus says:

    Vaccination on feminism…hahahaha
    Fuck yes, I approve

  3. thanks for the congrats ozzy

  4. Flex'n Texan says:

    Keep up the monthly recaps, mate! I love all of them! Fuck yes!

  5. Somebody says:

    What was the video where the teacher told the graduate to fuck off?

  6. Jeez Kesha just got destroyed…

  7. Picket Pants says:

    God damn it you silly bastard… too funny. Definitely subbing.

  8. Am Horse says:

    "Oh! There's my spirit animal!" Lmfao

  9. theres my spirit animal im dead

  10. Meanwhile in a merica we have the walking talking circus peanut making idiot decisions in the white house.

  11. These comments about Lewis ripping you a new one are hilarious. Lewis Spears is a whiny bitch and couldn't rip open a bag of chips. Keep doing your thing Ozzy.

  12. Thanks for acknowledgement Ozzyman. Pakistan deserved it for all the shit they get put through

  13. redmonkey 02 says:

    she fell straight in to destination: FUCKED

  14. You forgot that after India lost, they arrested and jailed Pakistanis who were celebrating in India. Ya………..

  15. Vaughn W2001 says:

    Spirit Animal 😂😂😂😂

  16. the moment when THE Ozzy Man shouts out to Pakistan and the cricket team Proud af.. ! 😢😂

  17. Good America didn't lead the bullshit in June. Glad someone else stepped it up.

  18. Sparesly 19 says:

    Let's accept it, we were shite in the final. Congratulations to Pakistan for the World Cup. And Momina Mustehasan.
    Both will be once in a century sort of achievement for you, wankers. 😛

  19. G I joe says:

    Ozzy man can u commentate on cricket matches plz

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