Overwatch Doomfist Update Now Available On PC, PS4, And Xbox One

Overwatch’s next big update is now available, the main component of which is a new character: Doomfist. The long-awaited Offense character is now playable on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Doomfist has been available for the past few weeks on the PC version’s Public Test Realm. Not long after his initial PTR debut, a patch made some changes to the way he works. The range of his Rocket Punch was reduced, while his Ultimate gained a UI indicator to help gauge how effective it will be.

Today’s patch is expected to introduce Doomfist with those changes, as well as adjustments for a number of other characters. This includes an increase in swing speed for Reinhardt’s hammer and a buff for Zarya’s Ultimate, which now disables all movement abilities for those trapped inside.

Additionally, the update should make some dramatic improvements to the Highlights system–you can now manually capture clips and save them–and reduce the likelihood of receiving duplicates from Loot Boxes. These are changes that were previously made on the PTR, but Blizzard has not yet released the full patch notes for today’s update. We’ll update this story with those once they are available.

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