Outcast gameplay in 720p HD using an Xbox 360 controller (PC)

UPDATE: Outcast 1.1 with vastly improved graphics and gameplay available on Steam and GOG!

This is the 1999 game Outcast (developed by Appeal, published by Infogrames) played in 1280×720 resolution with some graphical tweaks here and there. I used Xpadder to create a control scheme for the game (based on the one Ubisoft uses for Assassin’s Creed) so it is now fully and perfectly playable when using an Xbox 360 controller (sorry for playing awfully in this video, recording in 30fps messes with stick turn sensitivity and of course some of Outcast’s geometric bugs can get into the way).

Outcast still looks pretty good even 13 years after its initial release, also the story and the gameplay is absolutley brilliant. I have no clue why this game was never ported to modern consoles because from this video you can clearly see that it controls perfectly with a controller. The game has a high production value in its graphics, animations, story and music and has a highly unique setting that…


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