NZXT H440 Quiet PC Case

My review/unboxing of the NZXT H440 is out! I actually really like this case. A LOT. I’ve spent some more time with it during B-roll shooting and taking the system back apart and it’s grown on me even more since this video was made.

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20 thoughts on “NZXT H440 Quiet PC Case”

  1. Alexander K. says:

    I want to upgrade my CM690III case. I really like the simple design of NZXT cases. Should I buy this one or wait for a new version of this to come out?

  2. Would any of you kind folk here be able to suggest me a cheap CPU that would be powerful enough to run a media server build with lots of hard drives? Is an Intel i3 enough or maybe an entry level AMD Ryzen? What if I just used an old i5 2500k I already own?

    Thanks :)

  3. Just want you guys to know that Linus made a mistake on the video in regards to the hard drive storage for this case. It will actually take 11x 3.5" HDD's, one on the top AND the bottom of each of the 5 metal trays and one more at the bottom of the case floor and It will also take 8x 2.5" SSD's. It's listed here on the official product page:

    This is the reason I am interested in this case for when I build a server it will give me tons of expansion for adding extra HDD's as my media collection grows. The other thing that makes this a great server case imo, is the 3x 120mm fans at the front cooling all those hard drives, perfect! Plus all that included sound insulation is great for any noise that might come from all the drives and the fact it comes with the 3x120mm fans, plus a 140mm rear fan seems like great value to me.

    I'm really impressed with this case and I think it would also make a great gamer build too and all at a really good quality and a really good price. So far I have not seen anything nearly as good for a server case with this much storage capacity and quality at this price anywhere else!

  4. This or the N450 ? please help. I will be doing a custom water loop

  5. A thing of beauty is a joy for a decade

  6. MonstarMk3 says:

    I don't think he has the fan hub hooked up right. I think Fan1 goes to the cpu. But the fan hub can be controlled in the bios. So your fans do not have to run 100%. I am able to run a custom range on my fan speeds.

  7. How should there fit 11 HDDs in like the Vendor states?

  8. 허준혁 says:

    I just got this case, but case is the only thing I have.

  9. Yaser Humeid says:

    is there a full video of the build on their channel?

  10. what's model of this motherboard ? also #

  11. D3AP cs:go says:

    How many hdmi ports does this have?

  12. I bought this case over a year ago, and it's worked pretty well for me since. The only downside is that, while my cpu has remained pretty cool, my graphics card has been getting pretty hot because the airflow misses it. Does anyone know where I could look up how to install a radiator in this case for a GPU?

  13. Ty Brown says:

    A friend of mine got this chassis and asked me to move the guts of his PC into it. I absolutely LOVE IT!! I'd love to see an mATX version of it!

  14. Experience says:

    Sadly the glass panel isnt the full panel, still a cool case

  15. I want this case in green and black cause i like the look of it, i don't care about sound because from what i can tell computers don't make much sound… should i get this case or is there a better one? (or cheaper but as good)

  16. Vaskedama says:

    why don't they make it matte beige instea of pitch white glossy? I mean cmon NZXT. How about some oldschool cases ?

  17. Dwarfinator1 says:

    Can you mount fans on the top, like right under the top panel?

  18. Blue Bandit says:

    please god someone give me the name of that motherboard

  19. D2daK87 says:

    Me wanty!! my El cheapo budget case allows light to spill out the seams from my lighting and is noisy as hell. I scrimped on the case so I could get a better gpu lol.

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