NVC’s Favorite SNES Classic Games – Nintendo Voice Chat Ep. 362 Teaser

Peer, Zach, Brian, and Sam talk about the SNES Classic announcement. Also check out their favorite games discussion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKv-1UFGrdU&spfreload=5

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20 thoughts on “NVC’s Favorite SNES Classic Games – Nintendo Voice Chat Ep. 362 Teaser”


  2. nolann louis says:

    reform force anxious noweq guest demonstration elbow action structural break.

  3. adem says:

    I already got my pre order

  4. That guy in the blue shirt looks like he is from 1973 lol

  5. KokahZ777 says:

    I dont watch ign videos because of the annoying 30 sec unskippable spiderman homecoming ad

  6. almighty says:

    When you forget about jose leaving and click on the video thinking that he in it

  7. Я ведь не подписывался

  8. so ign….. when are you planning on covering the anthem ps4 gameplay footage that was actually x footage??? just want to know 😮😮

  9. Should've had super Mario all stars

  10. CR 7 says:

    top racer = top gear !!!

  11. pre orders would be horrible because scalpers will snatch them all

  12. Garfield 26 says:

    I'm waiting for the Nintendo 64 mini

  13. Garfield 26 says:

    I'm waiting for the Nintendo 64 mini

  14. Heard it's going to be around $80 in the states.

  15. MoMonay says:

    I have pre-ordered 2. One for now and one for 10+ years when I feel like replaying snes.

  16. If you are big fan of games made and published by RockStar I have good news in the year 2026 we will be able to get our hands on Bully 2 and in the year 2046 we will also get our hands on Agent and also in the year 2066 we will be getting our hands on Grand Theft Auto 6. I really hope this good news makes RockStar fans really happy and with that I bid you a good day.

  17. Johnnyboy JT says:

    SNES Classic=Trash and Overrated.

  18. PrimeSniper7 says:

    Where's Prepare to Try: Bloodborne #6?

  19. Nick Small says:

    N64 Mini will have Goldeneye 007 I'm calling it!

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