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The Nintendo Switch gets its first horror game, and it isn’t Resident Evil. Vaccine is however heavily inspired by the retro Resident Evil games, and looked like a survival horror game that was right up my alley. So how does Vaccine on the Nintendo Switch fare? Let’s find out in this Vaccine for Nintendo Switch review!

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20 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch HORROR – Vaccine Review for Nintendo Switch | RGT 85”

  1. While it is a great idea for a game I feel the visuals are lacking so much. I get the style they're going for but clearly the artist lacks any sort of talent in creating a similar vibe/quality of the original Resident Evil games. I threw together a quick demo build in unity of a resident evil clone and made a simple room with some props in an hour or so and it looks miles ahead of the visuals in this game.

  2. it's on the US eshop now

  3. cooldealpro says:

    I love this game because of the old school resident evil vibe but it has a lot of glitches but other than that it is fun as he'll and hard in the beginning

  4. Tony_Tyga says:

    TIP: the game is incredibly dark but I realized you can just change the brightness in the options or pause menu. CRT option is hell's cool too

  5. I never played resident evil and the other games you mentioned but this sounds decent I might buy it

  6. I never played the original old school survival horror in my life but I really like this game. this is an amazing game for me. Honestly, good review and good video. keep it up.

  7. I have never played the old resident evil games and yes I did struggle with the controls but I had a blast with this game it is so fun I just got it but now u want to play the old resident evil games

  8. I'll be getting it after work then xD

  9. Cthulhu says:

    Hey RGT, great review. I was interested in this game for Switch but wasn't sure if it would be worth a shot, so I found this video and bought it. As a very hardcore RE fan, 1-3 being my favorites, I was excited to hear from another like minded point of view. I must say this game is pretty awesome, addicting, and difficult. Been playing a few hours now but I am determined to beat it. Thanks for your review, it lead to my purchase and I am pleased.

    TLDR, its a great game and RGT is right about everything.

  10. TerriX Zero says:

    Vaccine is also for the wii u version as well.

  11. JPoirot127 says:

    I definitely agree with this review. The game intentionally has tank controls as a throwback to RE and Alone in the Dark. I am terrible at this game! 😑

  12. A10Pilot says:

    Dude, this game is hard and awesome. I love it! Haven't finished the game yet, keep dying in the second cycle 😛

  13. I love how hes putting the music of resident evil games

  14. It's on the English eShop now.

  15. J says:

    1. Oriented*
    2. Fixed cameras*

  16. rollie4 says:

    I had the same reaction you did

  17. DemRupees says:

    That intro song was so loud. Gotta watch those audio levels.

  18. oopsimdead says:

    kind of a glitch tip. If you run into zombies, run out of the room, wait for them to get close, and close the door on them. You can stab them through the door without getting hit. works with the crawly guys too. haven't had the chance to try it on the big dudes.

  19. Gamer Splash says:

    Great review! It's out now

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