NieR: Automata – PlayStation Underground Open World Gameplay Video | PS4

NieR: Automata isn’t out on PS4 until March 7th, but PlayStation.Blog’s Ryan Clements got a chance to sit down with Square-Enix and check out some early open world gameplay.

Rated Mature: Blood, Strong Language, Partial Nudity, Violence


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20 thoughts on “NieR: Automata – PlayStation Underground Open World Gameplay Video | PS4”

  1. Looks like nothing special to me

  2. That moment when you play it on PC but post a picture using a Xbox controller, now they call me "HACKERMAN" Absolutely awesome game, really want to discover everything about the game and hopefully 100% finished it already but going through again since they're are 5 endings! XD

  3. Stalin 69 says:

    Закрою всех в гулаг

  4. Darren Grima says:

    is this a pay to win type of game?

  5. CA7 says:

    Is there too much difference between ps4 and ps4 pro?? In this game specifically

  6. CA7 says:

    Is there too much difference between ps4 and ps4 pro?? In this game specifically

  7. Legion NB says:

    If you came here to decide whether or not to buy this game, don't. Get the game now. I don't care how, or where you get it, get it now. Got it yesterday, played for 10 hours straight.

    Worth every penny.

  8. Riksta 09 says:

    When I look at 9S all i see is Kaneki

  9. XtremeGaming says:

    why is it not a co-op game?

  10. Segen says:

    She needs a longer sword….

  11. Adry e noi says:

    my Channel is name adry e noi Channel

  12. Xay says:

    OMFG Platinum Games & Square Enix?!?!😭😭😍

  13. EximiusDux says:

    such fake controversy about the butt. fighting games and many other popular games have been featuring such things from before the current teen aged gamers where born.

  14. AnizeJGLover says:

    Idk why, but the open-world in this game feels a lot more expansive than FFXV, not to trash it or anything. Probably not, but this game just feels so big, and each area is so beautiful, I just strut around as B2 looking around. There also cool easter eggs by going near the edge of the map(found one in the vast desert).

  15. Duri Rian says:

    when did dante turn into a girl 😂😂

  16. DarkAnomaly says:

    So it was a world ravaged by plague caused by a giant Baby Queen before? this time it's Androids? ok gotcha.

    Looking forward to this :3

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