NieR: Automata Game Review (PS4, PC, Steam) (2017) (HD Gameplay)

A really great open-world action RPG, that’s also really weird. Kind of par for the course for a Japanese game though. It would be weird if a Japanese game WASN’T weird. While this is a non-direct sequel to 2010’s NieR, the game is actually part of the Drakengard series; a collection of games that share unique themes and gameplay features.

Developed by PlatinumGames
Published by Square Enix
Playstation 4, PC, Steam, not so fast Xbox One
Genre: Open World RPG, JRPG, Action RPG, Post-Apocalyptic, Steam Punk


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20 thoughts on “NieR: Automata Game Review (PS4, PC, Steam) (2017) (HD Gameplay)”

  1. RacerC45 says:

    I want to play this game so badly on Xbox One. I hate timed exclusives!

  2. HardwareBoss says:

    Hey Stan, does it bother you that none of the videos you made in the past 3 years are as popular as your videos from way back? What happened fam? You fell off. Unsubbed.

  3. Do a game review on P- Walker's Simulation

  4. 2B says:

    One of my favorite recent games but I hated some parts about it.

    Like 9S's hacking and the confusing buildings that look like you can enter but can't.

  5. Can you review Dino crisis on PS1?

  6. melainakiss says:

    I love odd Japanese stuff so I was curious about this game despite having only seen the trailer once. I may buy it.

  7. A good video Stan, but you should make more videos like the Darkstone video you made for PS1 xD that one was funny.

  8. 11chuckles1 says:

    Since you've made other videos about cringey political stuff, do you think you'll make a political video about how Trump released classified information to Russia and may have compromised a US Intelligence partner?

  9. Lord Bentley says:

    You're one of the last people to do theses types of reviews in the same vein of Mark from Classic game room/Lord Karnage where any game is up for review no matter what platform it's on which is awesome.Though even mark has stopped doing reviews for newer games which I think is a mistake because it's good to have a balance.

  10. MattDeRac says:

    How come you don't make Stanburdman ratings anymore?

  11. Big Brody says:

    when i first heard the name nier automata i automatically thought about the Cumbot which pleasures women all over the world with its fucking skills

  12. fsfsxii says:

    Great review, Stan. I recommend the Yakuza series, since you like beat 'em ups, im sure you' ll love yakuza.

  13. QuickBeam15 says:

    Ah, you like this game too then. Honestly it would be hard for me to hate even an antifa sjw who likes this game. I played it differently, I always try to melee.

  14. adj789 says:

    I really wants dis game

  15. Hard to find a flaw? Jedi Knight has better fast paced combat and Fallout games and TES games have better open world design. Also the soundtrack, writing, aesthetics, and characters of Nier Automata are atrocious. It's not weird Stan, it's just shit. A good weird would be something like Strugatsky's novels, Nier is just shit.

    Still a solid 7/10 of a game though.

  16. Alex Shpunt says:

    I mean new AAA or AA games you started to review are awesome but I miss something old school.
    Like Mafia 1, NFS Carbon and maybe some older MGS.

  17. Ivan Malek says:

    Review 2B's butt

  18. Pro-tip: do not fist the android.

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