NHL Legacy Edition | XBOX 360 | Gameplay

NHL Legacy Edition (XBOX 360)
Desarrollador/Developer: EA Canada
Distribuidor/Publisher: EA Sports
Versión/Version: US
Lanzamiento/Launch: 15/09/2015
Idioma/Language: Textos (Inglés) Voces (Inglés)
Otros: Multi-7 (Idiomas)
Homepage: https://www.easports.com/nhl/features/nhl-legacy


Básicamente el NHL 16 de Playstation 3 y XBOX 360, llamado NHL Legacy por aquello de incluir modos y características de los últimos NHL.

En principio tenía pensado jugar personalmente pero se me hace imposible evitar que la IA marque de cualquier tiro exterior de chiripa o robar el disco, imagino que hay que estudiarse mejor los controles (cosa que no va a pasar) porque los hiper-simples controles NHL 94 son injugables del todo. Resumiendo, al final he dejado que la IA juegue en el clásico soporífero partido de IA.


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20 thoughts on “NHL Legacy Edition | XBOX 360 | Gameplay”

  1. Jana X says:

    1:30 please name this song? Thanks :)

  2. Lol just got this for 30 bucks with the nhl 16 rosters

  3. I play this game but my max is 14

  4. So it's NHL 14 lol fail EA

  5. Wolves says:

    Graphics are terrie thank god I upgraded a 7 months ago. Now playing NHL 16

  6. Gary Szabo says:

    horrible broadcast announcing, no emotion or passion at all and from watching the video it seems like the commentating also is delayed from the actual action on the ice, hopefully NHL 16 is better on the new consoles

  7. juan del says:

    this looks like nhl 13
    i rather play nhl2k11

  8. LethalFinch says:

    Wow! I didn't think it was possible to make NHL 14 any worse than it already was.
    GG Mike "Doc" Emrick

  9. "They make the same game over and over" yes it's called hardware limitations, I don't even own a ps4/xbox one but as a fan of the wwe franchise I totally understand that it's unrealistic to expect last gen to have the same gameplay mechanics as much newer hardware.Yes it's getting to the point where yearly franchises are just roster updates but to be fair the 360 is nearly ten years old & to be honest i'm just grateful they're still supporting last gen, yes we get half a game but you lot would bitch even more if they flat out strongarmed you and said "Buy next gen or don't play it".

  10. Jackass says:

    I feel like NHL 14 was the last NHL game worth playing

  11. Do nhl legacy edition have my career or my player??? Pls reply

  12. Blehhh says:

    I hate the fact EA think they can get away with literally the same game for about 3/4 years. Joke. As much as I loved this gameplay, give them some new features.

  13. they always have better music on ps3/xbox tho :/

    ps4 has one good song and u only hear it for 30 seconds during intermission lol

  14. This is no different than NHL 13, 14 or 15. EA will make millions but they should be ashamed of themselves for putting something like this out. Disappointing.

  15. Fuck EA man, this is such a joke. You put out the same game for 3 years in a row.

  16. 1popscicle says:

    Ok let's say I haven't own an NHL game since NHL 12 and I really want to buy a newer version of NHL, is this game worth it? Could I just buy NHL 15 and have a player update?

  17. aaron maxim says:

    i just want 14 updated…i want my not even lose to real life hits n fun. that is all

  18. Chris Hudson says:

    i'd buy it if it was 20 or 30 bucks, but 80$ are you f'n kidding me.

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