new xbox 360 slim 250gb review

best places to buy
usa: best buy , gamestop
uk: gamestation , game


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20 thoughts on “new xbox 360 slim 250gb review”

  1. Tyler Dunkin says:

    It haz both glossy and matte finish

  2. i still dont regret it buying my xbox slim :) i have two years with it still works perfect

  3. Venom Snake says:

    i think its like 115 or something like that for the hard drive stand alone. actually pretty good. got the arcade and the harddrive. saved a bit of money.did not need any of the stuff the bundles come with.

  4. 4567ssj says:

    IT IS NOW FINAL XBOX360 slim 4gb :DDDD

  5. 4567ssj says:

    Hi everybody, I am 15 years old and i am buying an xbox360! :))) My first GAMING CONSOLE!!! but it is going to be an arcade edition :))) That is i can afford i am so happy :))))) 😀

  6. i've got a a question i am a ps3 gamer for many years and i kinda like xbox 360 not because of i hate my ps3 i have still many games on it and i still play most of them but is it worth for me to buy an xbox 360 slim.

  7. @IanApples1977 ..yes it does have a wi-fi..

  8. Xerx says:

    mine ist shiny and whats the usb for

  9. gamer1468 says:

    @DrifterGuy112 you have to get gold by yourself

  10. wiseguy157 says:

    @zappyrangh20 i got one at walmart 3 days ago and it came with 3 month live

  11. wiseguy157 says:

    @IanApples1977 yes

  12. i will buy this soon ( xbox 360 slim 250 gb + 12 mnd xbox live gold + fifa 12) it will be SEXY

  13. TheShifti says:

    Mine came with Kinect and Bulletstorm

  14. mine came with fable 3 halo reash and 3 month of xbox live

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