New Xbox 360 E Slim/Mini Noise Comparison

New Xbox 360 Slim/Mini Noise Comparison. The actual name of the model is the Jet Black ‘Xbox 360 E’. The console has been redesigned to fit in with the Xbox One.


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20 thoughts on “New Xbox 360 E Slim/Mini Noise Comparison”

  1. JOHNNYKdotTV says:

    Re-bought a 360. Hated the one. Also have a PS4.

  2. The only reason why my Xbox 360 E makes a noise when playing games is when i put on a table that has loose screws,but when you put/apply pressure with one finger anywhere,it is quite silent

  3. JETRO09 says:

    i couldnt hear anything my own xbox is on XD

  4. xbox 360 s and ps3 fat 60gb is the best console ever made

  5. I have been using the Xbox 360 E & i have got to admit that it does make an airplane engine noise while its in a vertical position, and comparatively less when you place it horizontally. its only quiet when the disc isn't flipping. Anyone agrees, pls comment.

  6. And the power supply on the slim e is like silent

  7. It's a lot more quieter than the first slim

  8. RAAID 98 says:

    My Xbox sounds like a fucking plane

  9. i cant understand what model my Xbox 360 is. it connects to wifi it is Kinect ready it looks like e slim but i may be just elite pls help

  10. xbox 360 E powerful sound

  11. my Xbox 360 slim barely makes noise

  12. sound from intro ???.

  13. The last redesign of Xbox 360.

  14. I have the Xbox slim the newest one than the one with the dip in it cuz all my friends have the dipped one and they said mine is older

  15. My X360e sounds a lot more than yours and it's just a little more than one year.. What's wrong?

  16. I need help I don't got optical outputs on this Xbox .what I need .?😐

  17. Jason 101 says:

    my xbox elite still works!

  18. I Still have my original white 20gb 360 console no ring of death yet.
    Though the bands in the disc tray have worn considerably and it takes 4 – 5
    attempts to open the disc tray without it getting stuck. I always install my games
    which is about the only thing i use my hard drive for id probably buy the 4gb model
    and runs games directly from the disc drive.

  19. Which one is faster and no crash issues?

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