New Game Genie for the PS3 Review – Gamester81

A review over Hyperkin’s Game Genie device for the Playstation 3.
Hyperkin’s website:

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Intro by Vlad Iacob (visuals) and Jason Heine TheEMUreview (audio).

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20 thoughts on “New Game Genie for the PS3 Review – Gamester81”

  1. Danno1932 says:

    Hope you still have it cuz its worth alot of money now

  2. keith miles says:

    Are they ever coming out with a new one for PS4 and xbox1

  3. keith miles says:

    Hello will hyperkin make a game genie for the Xbox one did you hear anything about it

  4. Samus Aran says:

    does this work for PS1 games that I play on my PS3?

  5. Temmie says:

    Where can I get this?

  6. PhoenixHelix says:

    Where else can we get them, especially for players in Europe? On Amazon they're being sold for somewhere in the regions of $300 and that simply can't be right.

  7. cast390 says:

    Dude amazon is listing this thing for $300.00 WTF

  8. keith miles says:

    hello are they coming out with any new game genie for xb1 and the ps4  thank u

  9. keith miles says:

    When are they going to upgrade the genie and will they come out for xb1 and ps4

  10. do u know if there is anything like this for ps4

  11. keith miles says:

    No new games on that site

  12. keith miles says:

    Homefront and the first call of duty just make the codes that can't work on line but only play in mission

  13. keith miles says:

    Are they going to up grade the codes and do u have a code for Homefront

  14. newbie2170 says:

    is there any other ones like game genie

  15. man thank you u made it very clear and explained very well

  16. DĐG Red says:

    if this is shipped from Japan will this work on my UK PS3 ?

  17. it only shipped from Japan does that mean it will work on my us ps3

  18. Julian Folz says:

    Can't you just look in the Internet and download the program on an normal USB Drive

  19. you do realize game faqs has the game save feature and all you have to do is load it onto a usb. its the same thing

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