New England Patriots vs New York Giants (Week 10 2015)

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20 thoughts on “New England Patriots vs New York Giants (Week 10 2015)”

  1. tacokid24 says:

    I'm a giants fan but what a fuckin game

  2. It really doesn't matter if you're a Patriots fan or a Giants fan, at the end of the day whenever the Giants and Patriots play each other it's always fun to watch!

  3. joe smith says:

    these  patriots recievers  catch everything brady  throws  I big part  of  the  cheaters   success!

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  5. With Tom Coughlin retiring after that season noone but Pats fans know how important winning this game really was

  6. holy crap I hate the Giants

  7. I was at this game. From my angle I couldn't tell if Gostkowski's field goal was good so I was confused at the end lol

  8. Omega8kilo says:

    I was at this game and fans were crying at the end, like even grown men were crying…"why".."why"

    It's was so embarrassing

  9. Rifat Inquad says:

    Hated this game. Edelman injured his foot and Brady threw his first interception.

  10. Steve Ganas says:

    need more inter-conferance play.

  11. giants should have won

  12. man that face is priceless……

  13. Kyle Tran says:

    Honestly one of the best games that season

  14. Paul Chaos says:

    Problem: Giants had too many good receivers, Odell Beckham Jr.
    Solution: We get Stephon Gilmore.

  15. I love seeing Eli's dirty face looking so disappointed go Pats!!!

  16. erik coker says:

    5:27 seahawks fans triggered

  17. This game was a fucking thriller…

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