[MZ] Video Game Review Review: IGN’s Prey Review

IGN old review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LIiB3ZCfGo
IGN new review: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/05/13/prey-review-2

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16 thoughts on “[MZ] Video Game Review Review: IGN’s Prey Review”

  1. The wise course of action would have been to just write an article saying he cannot give a full review at the moment because he cannot finish the game due to a save bug. If the bug still isn't addressed after the game has been out for a week and the majority of people playing the game are experiencing the same issues then I would say it's fair to release a review for the game, warts and all.

    As for IGN's motivation, I'd say it's fairly obvious why they didn't give the game the benefit of the doubt: Bethesda's review copy policy.

  2. IGN – can't save….4/10

  3. I remember when I played the first mass effect and I was loving it until after about 10 hours in when the game wouldn't let me enter the Normandy. I explored the whole area, looked up guides and playthroughs, asked friends, and completed every side mission in that area, but I couldn't finish the game. That said, if I was in this reviews shoes, would it be fair of me to give that game a terrible score if I was the only one who had that issue? Probably not and despite that unfortunate glitch, I still giving the game credit for all it's positives. Just like with Prey, if everyone or majority of people were having this issue, then that would be the developers fault, but it's not. I read nothing, but positive reviews on steam for this game before igns score so I had the feeling something was off. Maybe he just didn't have the best PC for it.

  4. Joshua Lim says:

    "Man this game sucks, because my save got corrupted" doesnt mention gameplay whatsoever

  5. sarftie says:

    I think if the review talked on other issues with the gameplay, narrative, etc. and if they were that bad, the game might have deserved a 4. Plus technical issues should always be considered when reviewing a game. The fact that they gave it an 80 after pretty much throws this out the window, however. More moneygrabbing dishonestly as usual. Bethesda is Bethesda, however, and I am fine with that terrible score if it wakes people up on how lazy and terrible Bethesda are as publishers.

  6. CJ Coleman says:

    Reviewers have every right to criticise a game for its technical issues. The same thing happened with arkham knight and Dishonored 2.

    I don't support this culture of releasing games in a broken state and patching them later. They should be flawless on release.

    Quite frankly after the way Bethesda have behaved in recent years they deserve everything they get.

  7. BlazeDeval says:

    While I dislike Bethesda for what they have done in the past, this review is bogus.

    How is it a review when barely anything but the bug is discussed? That's like saying Mass Effect is only an animation mess (it's more of a complete fucking mess). Doesn't paint the whole picture.

  8. 493950 says:

    Video game journalism is a stepping stone that these faggots use to get somewhere else. Of course they don't know anything about and reviewing video games.

  9. I think Beth can suck my fatty. After the season pass crap for fallout 4 and then all the shit they did behind the scenes with prey's development; they can go without their bonuses for reviews so they are forced to burn Todd Howard for heat.

  10. AtticusMJ says:

    Well I always think should point out game breaking as in can no long finish the game and must restart bugs

    Think be better call it a impressions type video if don't do full play of the basic story

  11. TripleM says:

    your argument is stupid… i bought fo4 and i played 80 hours of it and then hit a game breaking bug that affected all my save data so the game was literally unbeatable i would've had to start over. same thing happened with ff15 so imo both those games are trash and suck massive dick and it doesnt matter if the issues have been patched i bought both games and niether woked how is that not a legitimate representation of the games

  12. Mathmachine says:

    If he hit a game breaking bug like that, I think it's fair to have a review that reflects that. However, if said bug is fixed before the review even goes up, then you have kind of an issue. If it took a couplea days or a week later to fix it, then absolutely the review should stand. This is probably one of those grey area things, and we're going to be seeing a lot more of them due to the nature of AAA games almost always being released unfinished or broken in some form, and reviewers wanting to get a review out ASAP.

  13. MangaKamen says:

    I do agree that it seems to be a bit unfair that they released a review like that, however, I am understanding that if there was a bug like that, it should affect the score, but not to that degree if the company was fast to fix it.

  14. Bob Saget says:

    Are you trying to say that save corruption issues shouldn't affect a games score?

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