MSI Trident 3 Gaming PC – Hands On Review

With fast components and compact design, the Trident 3 gaming PC has a lot to offer, but it’s MSI’s system to screw up. Can the popular system builder avoid its previous pitfalls?



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13 thoughts on “MSI Trident 3 Gaming PC – Hands On Review”

  1. This is not a hands on review but more of a general negative comparison and pitch to not buy it…..hmmmmm

  2. Fernando Gil says:

    DO NOT buy this in about 2-3 months from the day you buy it it will not power on only keyboard and mouse will turn on but pc itself won't you will have to pay for shipping back tomsi and pray and wait for who knows how long

  3. Fusion says:

    Doesnt even have vga

  4. can i upgrade this version to gtx 1080 Ti? thanks

  5. Just to let you guys know, you're able to put in a newer GPU and CPU. I plan on doing this in a year or two

  6. almost looks like a console

  7. Kajan Nathan says:

    im starting to believe pcs are the best investments for gaming experience over console gaming like a ps4 or xbox 1, fuking hate having to switch/upgrade consoles and spend more

  8. Outback Dave says:

    Like how you guys get straight to the point.

  9. Allan says:

    Man, that's a such beautiful Gamer PC.
    Could you post some geekbench results, and tells us if it's easy to do some hardware upgrades?

    Thanks for your amazing work =D

  10. YetiZ says:

    Great Vid! I liked and subbed so maybe you could check out my channel when you get the chance.

  11. Mr Objection says:

    what a beautiful pc

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