MotoGP 2009 2010 Review for Sony PS3

If you like the thrill of the ride, then you need to check out MotoGP 09/10 on the PS3. Check out the game to see how this game performs.

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20 thoughts on “MotoGP 2009 2010 Review for Sony PS3”

  1. Syouq Adiex says:

    11 people thinks pokemon better then moto gp

  2. novarox4 says:

    I have a question is there like a career mode where you can create your own rider etc and race around things like that?

  3. escimobob1 says:

    can u choose what class u wanna race in
    like 125, 250

  4. so there is only 3 laps? cos i got this game for my dad for christmas and i think he will be dissapointed that the rces are that short, i am sad now :(

  5. Geekanoids says:

    @w8lifter201 Even I did.

  6. John t says:

    how many people skipped to the gameplay?

  7. ILPG
    i. love. paddok. girls

  8. Geekanoids says:

    @dominicrusho :) Cool, thanks for the comment. Maybe you could sponsor me? :)

  9. Geekanoids says:

    @gamerzndplayerz Now that's brave.

  10. Geekanoids says:

    @gamerzndplayerz Sorry to hear that.

  11. Geekanoids says:

    @camtheman499videos It is a great game.

  12. Geekanoids says:

    @tofutofu08 You are welcome.

  13. Geekanoids says:

    @largy1964 Thanks for that, enjoy the MotoGP season.

  14. chylos says:

    it was amazing ! i need a ps3

  15. Geekanoids says:

    @bbfan240 davomrmac

  16. Geekanoids says:

    @RobinScott93 Thanks for your opinion, the points raised are very valid. However, I plan more in-depth game reviews as I introduce them to the channel.

  17. Rocketman says:

    To be honest, I don't think you should spend too much time doing video game reviews. There are already so many gaming sites which have really detailed reviews, videos, screenshots etc.. Also, when a review is as brief as this, it's hard to formulate an accurate opinion of the game. Your review is almost universally positive while most website reviewers found many flaws and scores were very mixed. With gadgets, it is much easier to explore the whole product.

    Just an opinion, however. :)

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