Minecraft – XBLA Video Review

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The 360 version is finally here! While it may not have as many features as its PC counterpart, it’s nonetheless a great offering for anyone looking to give the franchise a try.

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20 thoughts on “Minecraft – XBLA Video Review”

  1. Hunter says:

    I lost interest in Minecraft like 3 months ago but I have having like a 3℅ resurgence in interest. Reply if the same is happening to you.

  2. Its running Beta 1.6.6, which is a good version, but the textures are different, the grass is different (im not talking about alpha grass), The gravel, the cobblestone, probably the bricks.

  3. To be specific, I started playing PC in 2012, the same year Minecraft Xbox 360 launched.

  4. You guys say that it misses core features like sprinting and creative mode. For me, I'd love to play the old 360 version because I played the Console version on the ps3 and playing on PC is not the same as playing on the 360, at least for me. Plus dat nostalgia kicks in real good, even though I didn't play beta 1.6.6, which is the version the 360 was based on. If I played PC 1.4, I would have lots of nostalgia because I played that version years ago.

  5. Tony Jackson says:

    ya, you can sprint

  6. Commenter38 says:

    I miss those days of xbla minecraft

  7. theres creative mode now, and sprint UPDATESS MAN, UPDATES

  8. DANBROWN says:

    Lol he makes it look like you need to go to the nether to get glass when he spent half the video collecting sand

  9. It's crazy to see how far the xbox 360 edition has come

  10. moneyboyever says:

    I returned minecraft on xbox 360 but should I get minecraft pocket edition

  11. It's just sad that Minecraft PE has infinite worlds and Minecraft XBLA doesn't :/

  12. Aidan Gordon says:

    Ah how i love old game reviews

  13. I wish you could choos what update to play on.

  14. Danny King says:

    Anyone around the age of 13 wanna play minecraft 360 with me?My gamertag is DeadlyShooter52

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