Mad Catz Wireless N Adapter for Xbox 360 Review & Set-up (Part 1)

A review of and set-up instructions for the Mad Catz Wireless N Adapter for the Xbox 360. Part 1 of 2 – Due to YouTube’s time limit, I had to split the video into two parts.


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20 thoughts on “Mad Catz Wireless N Adapter for Xbox 360 Review & Set-up (Part 1)”

  1. Marc says:

    when I type in in the internet web browser the page does not load ? Any ideas… Please Help Thank You!

  2. mediaassault says:

    No. It does not communicate with the Xbox.

  3. mediaassault says:

    I guess you can't read. It says review AND setup. Thanks for playing "Prove your Low IQ".

  4. Willy D says:

    5 minutes into the damn video you THEN begin to show us how to set it up….

  5. couldn't you just plug it into the xbox

  6. If you have an old router laying around you could flash DDWRT (if compatible) and set it up as a 'repeater bridge'. Multiple ethernet connections + wireless signal too.

  7. 540iflyby says:

    Found it! If you connect to a network through "Site Survey", it will disconnect and not re-establish the connection during a power cycle off/on.
    You have to set up a profile and activate it in the "Profile" tab under "Wireless Settings." Sean (Shaun/Shawn?) shows how to do this in Part 2 of this video…

  8. 540iflyby says:

    I had the same problem until I found a setting in the configuration that saves the Wifi info even in the case of power outage. I forget what the setting is. If I find it again, I will report. Good luck!

  9. Are these things fast enough to stream media with? ie. 2GB MP4/MKV files through Win7 Media Player? or would it be all glitchy and stutter?

  10. mediaassault says:

    That's odd because I don't.

  11. mediaassault says:

    You don't save anything on the Xbox. You treat this like a wired connection.

  12. mediaassault says:

    I honestly wouldn't bother with this thing over the PS3's internal Wi-Fi.

  13. mediaassault says:

    Glad I could help!

  14. mediaassault says:

    That's one aspect of the thing that I am not fond of at all. One of the many reasons I made this video. Glad you eventually got it working.

  15. Chasehead says:

    I live in a house with 6 other guys. None of us have a Windows computer, just Macs and Linux PCs. I really wish I knew that this shitty device depends on a shitty Windows-only web browser to configure it before sinking 3-4 hours into trying to set this thing working. I ended up having to install IE 6 through Wine just so I could save the profile settings properly on the web interface. Just plain inexcusable.

  16. Jeremy Letto says:

    Hi, How Easy is it to Buy Parts for these? i can pick one up for $1 but it's just the box with the network cable, no antenna that goes on the box and no power cord from the looks of the pictures he posted of it, also it's the white one, not black like the one in the video.

  17. Jacob Torres says:

    It worked GREAT bro ! thanks =] You don't even know how long I've been trying to get it to work …

  18. Orochi Power says:

    Any ideas I get dissconnected like about every 30 minutes? anyone haveing this problems?

  19. um mediasault my xbox 360 connection doesent work on my thing because new network

  20. DougE says:

    How do i save my home wifi name and password to my xbox. I go back and forth between my work wifi and my home one. And have to change them manually everytime i sign in to get live going. Is there a way to save the profiles so i dont have to keep putting in the passwords?

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