LGR – Wing Commander – DOS PC Game Review

Taking a look back at the 1990 space combat game that redefined the genre, Wing Commander! Getting it to run correctly may be a tough nut to crack, but it’s worth it to play this Origin classic.

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Time For Spring 1, Wing Commander Adlib OST


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20 thoughts on “LGR – Wing Commander – DOS PC Game Review”

  1. Kuhaku says:

    A few months ago, I picked up Wing Commander: Prophecy Gold Edition Full in box at Goodwill.

  2. stop flying through minefields omg

  3. H Koizumi says:

    This was my third PC game I have ever played back in 1992. It barely ran in my NEC 486 DX 33Mhz PC but I enjoyed the hell out of it. The cut scenes in the game was first of its kind for me and it freaking blew my mind back then. I couldn't afford proper sound card so I had to resort with internal PC bleepers. While my friends were busy playing Mario, I was exploring a 3 dimensional space.

  4. nitramletnan says:

    God i loved this game.

  5. Carlin says:

    you deserve more attention

  6. F Vanth says:

    Will you please Review "Crusader: No Remorse" and "Crusader: No Regret" please?

  7. Guardiane says:

    I was more familiar with the SNES port and played it a lot. That game was equally frustrating…especially when you fought the aces. I got so mad at one point that I smashed my controller to tiny bits…I haven't really played it since lol.

  8. That disc exchange form! Ha!
    I loved this game back in the day.
    Played it for hours on the old 286 with internal speaker sounds!

  9. I just wish to announce I'm defecting to the space cats. The humans were clearly the aggressors. They can spare a planet, right?

  10. Adam Clark says:

    please do Wing Commander 3-5. this was the series that sold me on PC gaming.

  11. Mark Small says:

    Did Wing Commander support GUS? Those midi sounds would sound amazing with a GUS (or Dosbox GUS emulation.)

  12. Ana Cruz says:

    Games in floppy disks…nostalgia!

  13. Heavily pixilated cutscenes from the 90s are still more exciting than most of today's high-end cinematics.

  14. Bruce Woods says:

    Loved this game. Had all its sequels and secret missions, then upgraded my computer and BAM, the game never ran again

  15. TalesFan93 says:

    Has anyone played the Win95 version included in the Kilrathi Saga? It's identical to the MS-DOS version only with digitized sound effects and it includes the best version of the soundtrack. I wish they re-released it, I really loved the music from that version.

  16. Rob Cohen says:

    I bought that game in like 91 and was so excited only to find out I didn't have a good enough PC to run it. I spent hours just obsessing over the spaceship cutaway posters and reading the manual over and over. Didn't get to actually play it until years later after I had played wing commander 2 on a better system. Definitely some of my favorite computer gaming memories ever with wc2 and 3

  17. Pure coincidence that the Title Soundtrack reminds me of another Saga, I guess… ;D

  18. mouth agape Oh yes…

  19. petman515 says:

    with your stick firmly griped.
    YouTube poop INCOMING

  20. Mork 666 says:

    I subbed to this channel a while ago but really becoming a "fan" of this content!!

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