LGR – The Big Box PC Game Collection Room Tour

Over 1,600 unique PC game boxes from the ’80s to the mid-2000s! So much gaming history in one spot makes me happy. This is the LGR big box computer game collection room update for June 2017.

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Downtown Alley 1, Downtown Alley 2

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20 thoughts on “LGR – The Big Box PC Game Collection Room Tour”

  1. 11:32 I saw Caesar, Emperor, and Zeus – but not Pharaoh!! Impressions made some great isometric city-builders back in the day! I still play em today, in fact. Pretty sure I got a boxed copy of Pharaoh as a gift oh…seventeen years ago or so. :)

    Also might have a big-box version of Jetfighter IV, which I noticed is absent from the flight sim section. I'll have to dig through the house but I know we had it. Might have been opened, but I know for a fact it was never installed or played 😛

  2. 64jcl says:

    I saw you had a box with some speakers there next to your FPS games. Don't they contain magnets that can wipe out disks?

  3. White Noise says:

    Gotta be honest LGR – this looks a little frightening.

  4. Demagogue88 says:

    Magic the Gathering from Micropros is amazing.

  5. Morgan Owen says:

    I see you got Silverload.. Been trying to find a boxed copy for the ps1 for a decent price. I'm a amateur collector of old video game consoles/games. Never got into the PC stuff but always watch your show as I like this kind of stuff.. Funny how you like the big box games. That's the way I feel about the Sega Saturn games, just something about the way they look compared to a generic cd case. Awesome collection you got there.. As it stands there is so much old school video games to collect. Can't imagine how much is out there for computer stuff as computers/software and games have been out way longer. Keep up the good work. Cheers 🍻

  6. Your mention of Golf Games reminds me of the fact that, in your windows entertainment pack video, you didn't happen to mention Fuji Golf, which was part of the Windows Entertainment Pack that shipped with windows 95 computers, or at least the cheap Packard Bell that proved to be my first PC. Have you ever heard of or played Fuji Golf? It was a neat little golf sim for the time, and they would make fun of you whenever you got a bogey. I think you would enjoy it for it's charm if nothing else.

  7. arcade.ly says:

    Is your big box PC game room inside a shipping container?

  8. Ekonomen says:

    Omg i used to have those educational games in the orange/red boxes when i was a kid but in Swedish. The nostalgia hits hard.

  9. SkyWalker says:

    Good to see Return to Zork and The X-Files game in your collection

  10. Babadook says:

    i miss some games like Z or the Anno Games

  11. M says:

    I hope you have some serious fire protection and fire insurance

  12. Caboose 92m says:

    I tend to sort stuff more by Developer and Series than Genre. The issue with that is when a series development moves from one company to another, or like do you do it by publisher or what? But like Sierra Games get their own section, ID games, 3d Realms, stuff like that.

  13. So what hours are this store open at? A few things I'd like to buy LOL

  14. Tom Tomski says:

    It brings up the question… How many of these are readable? I mean… the floppies… have you performed any backup in order to keep it alive?

  15. k3ntris says:

    I hope for your sake you have insurance on that entire collection!

  16. Rubsi says:

    Omg if they were sorted by color and series it would probably look amazing

  17. Rubsi says:

    You didn't have World of Warcraft?
    Are they too common?

  18. next year a collection of bigbox shovelware…covering the space of 3x warehouses

  19. Devin Smith says:

    You should try and hunt down the big box versions of mega man x1, x3, x4 and x5 very rare and collectible games.

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