LEGO Worlds Gameplay – First 20 Minutes! (Quick Play)

LEGO Worlds is an open-world game of creation! Here’s a Quick Play with my gameplay and first impressions! Thanks for every Like and Favorite! They really help!

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20 thoughts on “LEGO Worlds Gameplay – First 20 Minutes! (Quick Play)”

  1. Be sure to like this video if you want to see more! 5000 likes in 48 hours and I'll make this into a full series!

  2. this is like little big planet meets lego

  3. Void BoAzA says:

    Man, I just want lego universe back

  4. Mahadev P says:

    can you play Lego undercover for Nintendo switch

  5. Dragon Nixon says:

    quickest 20 minutes in my entire life, they were so good. I wish school went so fast

  6. animalcopWOT says:

    I mis lego universe, no lego game can beat LU

  7. RC Addix Inc says:

    I like your approach to the quick play, i also like your laugh, kinda sounds like tucker carlsons laugh

  8. I would say Garry's Mod meets Lego

  9. baby bear says:


  10. Mc' Outlaw says:

    How can i invite somebody? I'm want to play with a friend but i don't have a friend ho have Lego Worlds!

    Can i get one here ?

    My Steam Name Is: Mc' Outlaw When YOU Have Lego Worlds Please Invite Me To Your Friend List Bye!

  11. ME R&G says:

    are there enemys you can battle

  12. Aufmachen😃😏😲😳😛🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  13. Here have some great coordinates
    You're welcome

  14. Josh Allard says:

    "Knock knock"
    ZackScottGames: "HAHAHA, that's hilarious, I really like that."

  15. DongBaik Kim says:

    when are you going to do lego worlds part 1

  16. plz play it plz zack plz do it i love this game i sub to you

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