Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Review

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20 thoughts on “Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Review”

  1. its free on xbox one

  2. Aric Adams says:

    This game is style over substance for me if it controlled better and elaborated more on the plot it wouldn't be that meh

  3. Tashton says:

    i just came because of xbox gold july

  4. I played it, and I got to say that it's an underrated game. The story mode is….well….ok. I like how it has some exploration in levels, but the experience was weird. However, the good parts of the game are the arcade and multiplayer. Arcade mode is an offline version of Fragile Alliance from the multiplayer, which is great for those that love offline multiplayer, like me! I wish Undercover Cop and Cops & Robbers got arcade versions too. This game's flaws are the campaign mode as I said and the biggest one of all….DLC. Half of the arcade and multiplayer weapons are DLC, which is so stupid. They should be free, as well as the maps. DLC should cease to exist already.

  5. At least it's free, with Games with Gold

  6. NJC Normand says:

    Anyone here because of free backwards compatibility?

  7. …..The game is now free with gold….. :(

    I wanted Halo Reach, Dark Souls, Dragon Age Inquisition, or Far Cry 4 to be free with gold!

  8. LRWS says:

    Games with Gold July 2017

  9. Games with gold… Xbone games syck btw.

  10. TheMinato707 says:

    did they just try to fucken sugarcoat this game?

  11. Brody Austin says:

    I'm still holding onto hope for a Kane & Lynch 3 on Xbox One and PS4. I think if there is a sequel it should be more of a sandbox with 1 primary objective and multiple secondary objectives. You could choose to play as both Kane and Lynch and there would always be enemies trying to kill you so you will constantly have to keep your guard up.

  12. DamuEmran says:

    Kane and Lynch 2: Dog days is also playable on Xbox One thanks to Backward Compatibility mode

  13. Most stylish looking game I have ever played.

  14. Got this for $5 the other day, it's alright, not terrible

  15. AlcaTraZ says:

    I really liked Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.but this, this is the shittiest game I have ever played.

  16. ben wa says:

    i loved this game, idk what others are talking about

  17. ZMan1471 says:

    i wont lie both are good until the endings they kinda fall on their faces

  18. Bought this for £1.50 the other day yet to play it doubt I ever will after the review and comments lol

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