Justice League Wows at SDCC 2017 – Warner Bros. Panel Reaction – IGN Access

Warner Bros. dropped big details on Justice League, Ready Player One & Blade Runner 2049 at this years panel. Here’s what we thought of everything.

Catch up with SDCC 2017 here!

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20 thoughts on “Justice League Wows at SDCC 2017 – Warner Bros. Panel Reaction – IGN Access”

  1. Wakw says:

    Dennis vilivous 😂😂😂😂 butchered his name

  2. Fruitarian says:

    i cant wait to see the trailer

  3. Your shirt is amazing Max. Love it!

  4. No one says:

    is it just me or did flash's barry allen teeth become much whiter compared to the first justice league trailer where is teeth was soo yellow it was disgusting

  5. Ďinda S says:

    Two most annoying guys of IGN…

  6. H A S A says:

    No BS this is the best trailer I've ever seen

  7. The movie is going to flop

  8. Ed YT says:

    Nobody gives a crap about this crap movie we want the flash back

  9. Brandon Root says:

    If you pause at 1:02 you can see the halo assault rifle. I peed a little when I saw it. Its what kills Freddy Kruger which means Master Chief could kill Freddy

  10. Jong says:

    DC is dumb as can be. They release a trailer, and towards the ending, there's a little teaser that hinted at an additional hero that fans were free to speculate about. And then here's a thumbnail that shows none other than Superman… gee, I wonder who the mystery hero will be.

  11. nmr20067 says:

    Glad the rumors about an evil Supes jumping in front of the Bat mobile with red eyes was a lie…

  12. Raw Toast says:

    Now we just need an Infinity War trailer to be released. MARVEL, MY BODY IS READY!!!!!!!

  13. metalgrinch says:

    Where the hell was Superman in thr trailer???

  14. All Hail Lord Snyder, King of Comic Book Films


  16. REALLY IGN??? Using Justice League as clickbait for Ready Player One and Blade Runner reactions? Wow smh…

  17. Still not excited for Justice League but I gotta say I liked this trailer, flashes suit looks awful I really don't like that his suit is heavily armoured, Cyborg looks awful, Aquaman looks awesome, I liked that Steppenwolf just openly acknowledged the Lantern Corps & I loved that they didn't show Superman as rumours suggested they would.

  18. I understand that there stressed and all but they couldn't take a extra minute to explain what happened a bit more and follow up and debunk rumors they reported on ?

  19. ronan duddy says:

    So if the flash movie is about flashpoint that can possibly be the reason why we didn't get more flashpoint last season on the flash. Maybe not just a hunch

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