Justice League Comic Con Sneak Peek Trailer (2017)

DC pulled back the curtain and gave a peek into the Justice League movie with this new trailer.

Catch up with SDCC 2017 here!

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20 thoughts on “Justice League Comic Con Sneak Peek Trailer (2017)”

  1. Mauro says:

    I do feel they are over using that rock-like JLA music to much. It feels SOOOO out of place in the first WonderWoman sequence at the bank. Tone it down a little WarnerBros xD

  2. I don't read the comics so I don't really know who steppenwolf is or about the motherboxes, I had to google them, so I'm wondering how is the general public who only watch the movies meant to understand them

  3. There is too much slow-mo in this trailer.

  4. Hasan Allam says:

    At the end it was supergirl

  5. Superman! Nice! Can't wait to watch this

  6. SickeBenz777 says:

    Reignhart is the next villian!!!

  7. i know I'm stating the obvious but this is the most badass aquaman has ever looked period.

  8. Dark Shadow says:

    No one mentioning Supergirl at 1:41

  9. spoiler alert!! susps come up with long hair n beard i like superman with long hair n beard.


  11. it's not the Justice League without Superman

  12. so sad Green Lantern isnt there

  13. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.Chiills cant wait looks super badass.Going imax for this one cant wait to see it.As a comic book junkie seeing part of the orignal seven superpumped.Couldve done without the appearance of cyborg that's not correct but as a super fan boy i'll go in with a opened minded.

  14. Didn't know destiny was collaborating with DC for villain design

  15. nikflames says:

    3:44 there's going to be a t-rex from jurassic park?

  16. seems like IGN really like marvel and only covered marvel. maybe that's why greggy left.

  17. Superman is back hell yeah

  18. Jim is the guy who is also played by Jameson from spiderman, right?

  19. Crazy Jack says:

    Wait who's that villain i thought it was going to be darkseid

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