Jurassic World LEGO Sets! Indominus Rex Breakout, T. Rex Tracker + More (New 2015 Toys)

Lego is not only making new Jurrasic World Lego sets, but also a video game which we hope to play on the channel! But for now, here is some footage of the built sets that are going to be out later this year, scheduled for May 2015!

75915 Pteranodon Capture w/ ACU ($19.99 MAY)
75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush with Gray & ACU ($29.99 MAY)
75917 Raptor Rampage w/ Blue, Delta, Claire & ACU ($49.99 May)
75918 T. Rex Tracker w/ Hoskins, ACU & Vet ($69.99 MAY)
75919 Indominus Rex Breakout w/ Dr. Wu, Zach, Vet & ACU ($129.99 MAY)

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Footage recorded at the 2015 New York Toy Fair Lego Booth!

∫All Other 2015 NY Toy Fair video in order of…


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