Jennifer Lopez – Papi

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20 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez – Papi”

  1. jenifer you beauty. who is here 2017?…….she is not using AUTHENTIC**VIEWS**COM to viral her vidios

  2. Kheema Singh says:

    JLo wore different heels when she was dancing I ❤her

  3. kiran kumar says:

    Supr signing 😘😘😘😘😘😘 I like ur singing way

  4. J.J. Hxx says:

    Those cookies look so good 😣

  5. TGMG says:

    i can't believe how she is 47 years old, i thought she is about 34

  6. jz12094250 says:

    It's just too much going on there.

  7. Hey i had a pink romper like that when i was 14!

  8. I love you jennifer ❤️

  9. Mary Crafty says:

    …now all my super ladies I got my baby if you got your baby baby….

    How can they have their baby if every man in the world is fall in love with you????

  10. BMW E90 says:

    so many money used for this song

  11. Has anyone noticed a shoe change in a video? At 4.07 they are one, and on 4.14 other … madness

  12. Ania Headley says:

    I would take the dog and be like bye

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