Japanese Pokemon Go Players Spend Much, Much More In The Game Than Anyone Else

Right now, millions of people around the world are playing Pokemon Go and, if they live in Japan, they’re probably spending money in the game. A new study by analytics firm Sensor Tower has revealed Japanese players spend much more in Pokemon Go than players in any other country. In fact, the average Japanese player spends almost as much money per month as players in the next four countries combined.

Sensor Tower looked at how much people spent on in-game purchases in Pokemon Go on both iOS and Android devices for one year, from July 2016 to July 2017. It found Japanese players spent an average $26 each in Pokemon Go every month. American players came in second place, spending a much-lower average of $7.70 per month, and Canada came in third at an average $7.60 per month. You can get a look at the results for Pokemon Go’s top 10 revenue-generating countries below.

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Even though the average American player spends less than a Japanese one, it was the US that generated the most money for Pokemon Go over the past year. Americans made approximately $424 million worth of in-game purchases. The latest data shows the game has passed $1.2 billion worth of revenue worldwide, with over 752 million downloads.

It’s been a great year for Pokemon Go. The hit mobile game began celebrating its one-year anniversary last month with the first in a series of in-game events, and later this month Pokemon Go Fest will take place in Chicago, marking the first real-life Pokemon Go celebration (there will also be celebrations in the UK and Europe coming up). Right now, there is an in-game anniversary event going on where you can catch a special version of Pikachu until July 24.

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