Introducing Game Mode for Windows 10

Game Mode is a new Windows 10 feature arriving with the Creators Update, designed to help provide the best and most consistent gaming performance on your Windows 10 PC. Learn more about Game Mode at


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20 thoughts on “Introducing Game Mode for Windows 10”

  1. Mickxal says:

    Why does this video look smooth af on 60fps while others dont ?

  2. how to press windows g

  3. would this allow people on windows 10 to play with people on the Xbox?

  4. People who dislike this comment dislike the new game mode?

  5. Ultra Tuber says:

    can any one tell me the game name which is in this video?

  6. bayramT says:

    Jeez, when I enabled the game mode, my frame rate dropped to 40 from 60. (MSI Afterburner shows that the CPU1 usage dropping to %100 to %20-30 when game mode enabled)

  7. Chris Foltz says:

    I'm sorry but what does xbox have to do with pc

  8. tetchygaming says:

    I play this on windows 98 I get 1 fps more lol

  9. Professor 11 says:

    when i alt tab my game crashes i need help

  10. RadioNurshat says:

    what is that game's name?

  11. FINALYY!!!! I can play Solitair at 60 FPS O_O Great Job MICROSOFT Now I can Count all Cards wheen the Computer is giving my Cards 😉

  12. Dubhamlg 777 says:

    This thing slows my games instead of boosting my frames.
    Microsoft, you suck.

  13. NathanFart says:

    wot game at the start was that

  14. Aryan Jha says:

    What's the background song??

  15. does it only work for xbox games?

  16. Teemo4Life says:

    Guys chill its like 1-2 fps but its better than nothing

  17. Farhan Ahmed says:

    This is not like suppose to run games in high priority.. Its a different thing …
    They really integerate some files to windows to give some more performance..

  18. Sr DeSilva says:

    i get to finally play my games with 2 extra frames more.

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