International Podcast #69 Where are REJ, Silver, and GB, Hype in 2018, and Detail in Games

Karak sits down with visitors Kyle, Caffeine, Jonathon and Sonar for a unique International Podcast
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I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don’t discuss all…


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20 thoughts on “International Podcast #69 Where are REJ, Silver, and GB, Hype in 2018, and Detail in Games”

  1. Timothy W. says:

    Anchorage, AK? I'm in Unalakleet, AK! Western coast, in the bush!


    Best rating system is watching ACG Reviews + metacritic and usercritic then im all good to buy or not to buy. Some games i don't need any score to deside at all though, The Last Of Us 2 and Red Dead Redemtion 2 for instance is a no brainer

  3. Cal Erba says:

    I like these, not that I don't like the normal cast but I like these. :)

  4. iyaramonk says:

    Just curious Karak, how deep did you get into WoW back in the day?
    Anyway, good podcast. Never seen these people on before but the conversation flowed nicely.

  5. Evan says:

    No Rej, Silver & GB?! :( No worries because this cast was Great!!! Another great podcast Karak. "Silver..I Mean, sonar!" I was crackin up. LMAO!!

  6. Moose says:

    Hrmm. Both Skyrim and Fallout suffers from the overpopulation thing. Only game that did it well is witcher 3 imo. Well paced, interesting world.

  7. I agree with Karak about Mad Max. The game really nailed the best parts of open world gameplay. Even though it was huge yet empty and desolate, that was kind of the point. And it oozed it's own sort of charm and managed to make a desert wasteland an absolute delight to look at.

    Mad Max (and the Witcher) are the only open world games I ever finished 100% to completion. No other open world game could hold me more for even 50% of their game, mainly due to grindy repetitive collectathon fatigue that kills it for me after awhile.

  8. Astral Frost says:

    Two Worlds was very ambitious. I think it came out pretty rough, but it had some great aspects to it, certainly including the towns. Very memorable.

  9. Can your thumbnail be any more badass?

  10. dlakodlak says:

    The issue of BIG patches (in GBs) most of the the time boils down to the matter of data structure. Not all engines allow plugin-like datapacks (Like Bethesda's engine). Not all engines allow data altering datapacks (diffs). Sometimes (ehhmmhm…. Cryeingine… chrrrhmhmm) all data is stored in big datafiles dedicated to a whole datatype family (textures.pak, sounds.pak, etc.). And even though the dev wants to change just one 2MB texture the whole 14GB Textures.pak needs to be redownloaded.

    Which is also the singlemost reason why "play while you download" on PS4 is just a joke most of the time. Most engines are not ready for partial data. Even Blizzard games' "playable" mostly means "you can do without videos for now, right?"

  11. Kevin Garcia says:

    Yeah I can agree with the Fallout 4 Criticism I was grinding hard in that game and it was frustrating to see some of the houses and buildings inaccessible just a liitle bit more accessibility would have been great

  12. One game that was hyped and met and exceeded my expectation was The Last Of Us

  13. William Hotz says:

    I live in Anchorage, AK too lol

  14. 1:40:55 – I have probably played thousands of hours of World of Tanks and I would not recommend it to most gamers. Just because I found the grind addictive myself and have other friends that play with me, does not mean that I would suggest a game of ultra-grind that has many pay-to-win elements like premium shells that have more penetration to others. Add to that the fact that starting levels (called tiers) are purely imbalanced hell to play and you have a game I would most likely not recommend to others, but have played A LOT OF IT and continue to do so…

  15. they never had the pleasure of putting a game tape into the system waiting an hour for it to load after it crushing 50 times with the loud loading noise that would make your ears bleed and the flashing lights that if you scare at it too long you can see the shit every time you close your eyes….good times.

  16. Hey bro and happy new year

  17. Muddy says:

    I got motion sickness in VR real bad at first, but none at all with Skyrim VR. I find the best thing for VR motion sickness is a fan directly in front of you, preferably oscillating.

  18. wolfflow says:

    Getting dizzy just listening to the VR talk

  19. vxl757 says:

    Good mix of guys. These guys were pretty chill.

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