International Podcast #46 Friday the 13th, Hudless Game Design, QA

Karak, GB, Silver, Rej, and Azralynn sit down to talk about games.

Azralynn’s Youtube
GB Channel

I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details.

Coverage includes ps4, xbox one, pc, xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

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20 thoughts on “International Podcast #46 Friday the 13th, Hudless Game Design, QA”

  1. Zsolt Marton says:

    Sorry for the noobie question, silver and Rejaku has a YouTube channel?

  2. The Gmork says:

    Karak, watch The Dungeonmaster if you haven't seen it. trailer link:

  3. fluteaw says:

    @1:15:59 higher difficulty Civ VI….^^"hate it.

  4. D Preston says:

    hey karat, we live in the same town!! awesome podcast always a highlight of my week!

  5. Just finished the podcast after multiple viewing sessions and this has been my favorite one. Thanks for the intriguing conversation guys, it makes the work days 10x more bearable.

  6. LegacYakaMK says:

    Karak, I'm looking forward to your ruby slippers review

  7. Leeson says:

    I think Platinum games could do a Dragonball game quite well. It lends itself to the ridiculous fights.

  8. Quiet Coyote says:

    Favorite podcast so far! I wish you and company had the time for like a four hour podcast or something haha. These are my favorite videos on youtube ever, and the only videos I actually, literally long for each week!

  9. J1e9r9r6y says:

    I love this podcast

  10. Nintendo fans accept anything that gets fed to them tbh.

  11. I just want a good Super Hero RPG… DC or Marvel… like Witcher or even Tomb raider style. I would also love to have a Ge-force game with Gleek and the fiery phoenix….

  12. I love the audio logs in MGSV, they are stellar and never stop the gameplay.

  13. Karak what would you think of Smell-O-Vision instead of a cluttered hud, :)

  14. i want the most minimal UI possible.. cant stand this damage numbers flying everywhere, popup text spam covering the target shit, etc. AND FUCK ALL HEALTH BARS OVER THE HEADS. if i cant turn that shit off, i rarely play the game.

  15. w3apon3 says:

    What about Platinum games making a Rurouni Kenshin game? That would be awesome.

  16. Sergio Xisto says:

    The thing about video reviews is if its a game you're already interested in and you feel the reviewer has really good vibes about the game and he's made this clear from the start then you dont really need to hear too much more, especially if its a narrative heavy game.

  17. The thing about Friday the 13th and it's current popularity could be due to RPing versus the actual game. The twitch channels with tons of viewers are those that are role playing. It's sad because the game has something there but not enough meat on the bones for that price tag.

  18. Thumbed up at the "Gravity Falls" reference.

  19. the logs in the last of us were my favourite. hand written, well done and became side plots. they made you want to find the next scrap of paper.

  20. Blake Kenny says:

    Dude. I've said this before. I love your reviews, but I absolutely can not wait for the international Podcast. This was a great episode, Azralynn was a great guest. As for the 5v1 game idea….. Predator dude!!!

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