Injustice: Gods Among Us USA Collector’s Edition For PS3 Video Game Review

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19 thoughts on “Injustice: Gods Among Us USA Collector’s Edition For PS3 Video Game Review”

  1. EPIC_Snow says:

    Batgirl2005 is that ehen you were born or something 2005

  2. SHIMISHAKER says:

    That looks so epic!!! Great review!! INJUSTICE 💚

  3. love this collector's edition 😀

  4. Th3lastsong says:

    If they released the statue with a man choking a women , how do you think the news would portray it as?

  5. Cedric Koh says:

    I want this game so badly. I wish I would get full marks for exams so I can get it. If I don't I will tear my hand out

  6. Austin Nava says:

    I most have the game

  7. i think this statue is limited in detail but otherwise it is pretty good

  8. Chris Parker says:

    UK versions is way better

  9. is it still worth 100 now? 80 on amazon. game itself is maybe 35 depending on the store so was the 100 at launch worth it especially when it's just like one issue of the Injustice comics

  10. Xhango says:

    Raquel does a good al pacino impression

  11. Arby man says:

    sean good review i think your the best review person !!!!

  12. what site if you dont mind me asking please

  13. Strange question. in this statue can you move the parts around? like turn batmans head? or un wrap WW lasso from his neck? the rest looks great but if batman was facing WW it would look so much better.

  14. SSJGSonGoku says:

    A figurine is a small statue or a statuette. Anything that is a detailed representation of something is a figure. The thing that separates action figures from statuettes is movable parts and the thing that separates figurines from statues is size.

  15. i have the uk collectors edition. its way better in my opinion

  16. Noah Joe says:

    Well, that was kinky.

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