inFAMOUS – Video Review (PS3 Exclusive)

Ever wonder what it would be like to have superpowers? Would you choose to use your powers for good or be infamous? Find out if inFamous is worth your time playing and decide your own path.

Game Overview: 0:37
Difficulty: 4:05
Time Commitment : 5:04
Continue playing? 5:40

inFamous is a registered trademark of Sucker Punch 2009



Leisure Gamer Criteria:

Low: Game provides little challenge to the player. Includes a frequent saving feature, it is difficult for you to be defeated, the AI is generally easy to overcome, and/or the player does not need to restart the level if defeated.

Standard: The game offers an average amount of challenge and includes multiple levels of difficultly for the player to choose from, the game saves less frequently than the “low” rating, and the player should expect to replay sections of the level when…


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9 thoughts on “inFAMOUS – Video Review (PS3 Exclusive)”

  1. Jlong908 says:

    If I didn't have fun with the demo will I have fun with the full game?

  2. @omgfknalzorz Instant sad face!

  3. a1z0rz says:

    Haha, he gets told at 3:22 and goes sad face.

  4. @durvik1 A novel concept, huh? haha

  5. @wowwow180 Thanks, we will thumbs up your comment! HA

  6. durvik1 says:

    A reviewer excited about the game they're playing? How strange!

    Nice work Sunshine!

  7. Sun1Sky says:

    So are you Hero or Infamous?

  8. @0000Ishbo Thank you! How do you like to say it, "In-famous"?

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