IE 12 PC game review – Bureau 13 (1995)


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10 thoughts on “IE 12 PC game review – Bureau 13 (1995)”

  1. I got this game in 1997 in the bargain bin in Vancouver BC. When I was having difficulties, I called the tip line on the box. It was the home phone # of one of the developers. He wasn't pleased with Take Two putting his home # on the damn box. He said the game was very popular in Europe, but wasn't at all surprised to hear I got it over here in a bargain bin.

  2. fmvgamer2010 says:

    No idea but you could always google for bureau 13 music. There are many sites on the web that rip game music from games..

  3. Matias Mussi says:

    do you know where i can download the song in the intro?

  4. HardWarUK says:

    Bet I am only one of about 8 people that still own this game! )

  5. pailhead11 says:

    one of my favorite games

  6. Shyld says:

    @yazlaw1 Thanks a lot !!

  7. @Alexylius There is one on gamefaqs(dot)com. Just type in Bureau 13 under search and then click on the faqs tab. There you'll find the walkthrough.

  8. Shyld says:

    I got blocked also somewhere along the way! is there any walkthrough??

  9. Gargantua606 says:

    It was a cool game, the choice in characters was diversified. Got blocked easily though.

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