Ico Retrospective

If you haven’t played Ico then I highly recommend not watching this video. This video was written without an intended goal, I just wanted to write about this game. Please keep in mind it was not written to be a review, if anything it turned out more like a retrospective of sorts.

I hope to tackle Shadow of the Colossus in a similar fashion but I can’t make any promises.


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20 thoughts on “Ico Retrospective”

  1. This is one of the best game-related videos I've ever seen. You cover everything, and totally nail it too. Awesome job.

  2. eeko? I always thought it was aiko..

  3. Scott Elder says:

    Great game, not as grand and amazing as shadow of the colossus but it's a really interesting game to play through

  4. First time I played Ico I was 11 years old, I really liked the aesthetic part as well as simple control system and story it told. Till this day I think Ico was on of the strongest gaming experiences of my life so thank you for this review.

  5. Very random, but I really wish Breath of the Wild treated it's voice acting the way Ico did.

  6. ICO is an example that every game should follow. Games should be solely committed to their artistic cause if they are to be truly great.

  7. NikuMuchi says:

    I hate this game so much…. It's annoying, tedious and poorly designed.

  8. Josh Foreman says:

    Very good. I'm really digging your work.

  9. PJPF says:

    Did you mention the similarities it shares with Hayao Miyazaki's works?

    I don't think you did

  10. Tyro Horse says:

    HD remastered. Not Remake

  11. Cifer Null says:

    If there's anyone I'd want to make a modern day sequel to the PS1 "Heart of Darkness" game, its Fumito Ueda.

  12. Like I Is says:

    I love these videos and can't get enough of Matthewmatosis' critical analysis, but I think there's an inherent fallacy with calling a game "art", simply because a game can be beaten, or played incorrectly, when art, by definition, cannot. I've believe it's more accurate to call games "artful", especially if they have a very stylized look or elegant design. I dunno, just my two cents.

  13. Tinky Winky says:

    The combat is a piece of cake compared to the water wheel. The puzzle isn't even hard… but oh man that jump is the most infuriating thing ever.

  14. lerigan says:

    What a beautifully written review. Lovely as the game itself.

  15. you have turned game reviewing into a form of art, something it inherently wasn't.

  16. Kami Lee says:

    I liked the novelization, but I think it's backstory was lame.

  17. it's weird to see matthewmatosis of all people be completely unable to offer anything other then praise for a computer game

  18. tokyobassist says:

    Man. I wish I liked ICO. I never could finish it. I want to power through it but playing something you're not enjoying is stupid.

  19. Noktua says:

    This game inspired also Hidetaka Miyazaki to become a game designer if I remember correctly.

  20. EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-co

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