Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Review (PC / Xbox 360 / PS3)

It’s like Gears of War in the way Quantum Theory was, except not terrible.

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20 thoughts on “Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Review (PC / Xbox 360 / PS3)”

  1. kim lieu says:

    3:323:34 is worth playing for the 3rd person introverted sniping.

  2. MicShazam says:

    This is why I never read so called professional game reviews. Most of my favourite 7th gen games have middling scores at best. Nice to see someone actually like it for a change.

  3. Charlie Wood says:

    I thought that the writing for the two main characters was excellent and is what stands out for me with the game, I'm glad to have watched your review.  I also think that the level design rocked.  Thanks for the review!

  4. James Black says:

    great review man! Think you just sold it to me. Its on Gamefly for 10 bucks plus a %15 off.

  5. Isn't everything epic with a friend due to the power and magic of friendship?

  6. Did he say, "Rent an asshole"?

  7. Joran Betker says:

    If you think the game is fun single player. The game is EPIC with a friend

  8. My friend bought this game when I was over one time because it was cheap and he was just going to return it when I went home.. but he ended up just giving it to me since he didn't have a PS3 lol.. so I got this game for free!

  9. i had way more fun playing this game than i thought i would. good to see others felt the same

  10. Morbid Play says:

    Speaking of bugs, several times me and my mate got this for PC ages after release and several times a bunch of scenarios wouldn't trigger unless we restarted the whole level -.-

  11. Ryan Benno says:

    I worked on this game as an artist and I can tell you it's pretty terrible.

  12. DocKing236 says:

    OMG Elara looks like Haseo….CAN'T UNSEE!!!!!!

  13. that was a fun review. I hope the plot twist isn't that the "prostitute" and the elf are related.

  14. roksoulja84 says:

    haha loved the street fighter music at the end~~! good review~ i think imma try it out… i was actually looking forward to this game until i saw the bad reviews… but after seeing this review i think i will give it a shot~ hopefully it will be a enjoyable gaming experience…

  15. Articwolf817 says:

    The place where you upgrade should also be a shop to spend gold abd have the crucible spend the max gold eveytime you make a new level

  16. Takyon990 says:

    Please do Skyrim Review

  17. aFLYER1980 says:

    such an underrated game, i think almost all reviews are based on the first hr of gameplay (which isn't the best). While not game of the year, i enjoyed this game for what it is, a decent dungeon crawler

  18. Natwin says:

    this game reminds me of. demon souls? i cant remember. its a game for the ps2. where you kill people grab there souls and become more powerful. the main plot of the story ( i think) is that you sold your soul to the devil. aka YOUR FATHER! jeez what a dick. and your supposed to find a way to get back your soul. well if you get enough souls for your father. he does not let you go. thou having an argument. you battle him as the boss. that game fucks shit up. and i was 5 when i played it 5!!!!!!!!!

  19. This is like a hack-n-slash RPG/
    Btw,good job with the review.I finally found a reviewer judging the game for what it is and not for what it's not(IGN,gamespot etc.etc.)

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