How Myst Became One of the Best-Selling PC Games of All Time

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19 thoughts on “How Myst Became One of the Best-Selling PC Games of All Time”

  1. managMent says:

    Its so sad that everybody is talking about the 2nd worst game in this series, but forgets all of the awesome sequels!

  2. Tusk says:

    lol what Age of Empires and StarCraft they are both games from the 90s


  4. Jc Denton says:

    Myst has no story = great game Destiny no story = bad but they both made large amounts of money and lots of people played them.

  5. jcdiedericks says:

    App? APP? APP!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. Interview just cuts out and the link goes no where.

  7. This should be a series of videos, and can it please be more than just what everybody already knows, maybe more about how far you got or how you felt about the sequels, plural.

  8. Grant Walker says:

    I've never played this game, but it myst have been really good if people are still talking about it.

  9. Nortic111 says:

    I could happily go back and play through the Myst games again, frustration and all. You could call it a well-crafted game, very intelligent. And the feeling of solving a complex puzzle (without looking up the answer) was almost overwhelming. Almost.

  10. Fantastic series. One of the best. Very advanced.

  11. H Koizumi says:

    Unlike the console, for PC to evolve, it requires a benchmarking titles entice hardware sales. Doom helped early PC gamers to upgrade from 386 to 486. Duke Nukem 3D helped standardized SVGA monitors. Zork and Myst enticed people to get CDROM drives. Quake made a bold move to required 3D accelerator aka GPU. Half Life and peer to peer sharing enticed people to get high speed internet such as DSL and Cable and so on. For some reason, PC gamers have forgotten the importance of benchmarking titles. Whenever a demanding game releases for the PC, people flock to the forum to complain about "optimization" issue and blaming developers for their poor choices. It really does sadden me that people treating PC like it's a console.

  12. Bas Bah says:

    is / was myst overrated?

  13. SENATORPAIN1 says:

    myst sold so is crap.

  14. Hall10k says:

    This IGN pannel perfectly fefines the word NERD.

  15. Myst Whoa you just brought my childhood back

  16. TheRedRaven says:

    Digital Foundry circa 1993: Myst runs at a smooth 640×480 @ 1fps, the game is a visual masterpiece and pushes my 60mhz pc to it's limits.

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