Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver Gameplay [True HD]

The number one vehicle brand in over 150 countries is racing onto your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS for the first time this fall!

Developed by Firebrand Games (NASCAR Unleashed, Cars 2, Need for Speed The Run, Hot Wheels Track Attack), players can now join the ranks of Team Hot Wheels, an elite group of drivers competing for the coveted title: “World’s Best Driver.” The drivers are split into four teams, each with their own disciplines: Super Fast (Green), Outrageous (Red), High-Tech (Blue) and Powerful (Yellow). Compete in over 70 thrilling events in four Hot Wheels Test Facility (HWTF) locations around the world. For the first time, players can experience the legendary world of the HWTF where the latest and greatest Hot Wheels creations are born.

Product Features:

Thrilling Vehicle Experiences: Extreme motocross in the Andes, freestyle mid-air stunts on top of Shanghai skyscrapers, precision drifting through an obstacle course on top of a South Pacific aircraft…


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19 thoughts on “Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver Gameplay [True HD]”

  1. human_eata says:

    looks like a good game

  2. does anyone know how to play 2 players on this game?

  3. DaScorpion says:

    Dang, that one track is worse that Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. I just picked up this game SUPER CHEAP in a bargain bin nearby. I'll see when I have time to fire it up.

  4. I'm sorry but Hot Wheels is dead to me now

  5. Alix Georges says:

    I thought this vides was about to be realistic but nvm

  6. por que pork chop odeia musica

  7. LewieLew says:

    yep now i have to play this 4 a video XD

  8. bergcycles1 says:

    this game is terrible. Way too hard to unlock ANYTHING

  9. avengedguy says:

    Anybody know the name of the song that starts at  13:17 ? Sounds great !

  10. Luis Ruiz says:

    The best driver? U.u

  11. There was this top down Hot Wheels game that was so unique and awesome but I can't find it anywhere! Even on a list of all Hot Hweels games ever, I just can't find it. I forgot the damn name

  12. yellow voice over tho

  13. Doesn't seem to come close to World Race. The maps and challenges are weird.

  14. EXcentriX says:

    This game has incredible awful controls on the PC.

  15. Acceleracers reference


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