Hard West quick review – PC (available on Steam)

In this quick review of Hard West (PC game available on Steam), you’ll find Hard West is a tactical turn based combat game set in the wild west era of cowboys and mayhem. It’s unique and well thought out game mechanics and user interface draws you into it’s world nicely, and the scenarios are well written and presented – albeit somewhat dark and sinister.

In Hard West, you find yourself following a series of unfortunate events, where the only real choice is to fully embrace the darkness, sell your soul to the devil and enjoy the empowerment and resulting fun the game has to offer.

Hard West’s character progression is represented by your poker hand, where you can select and combine up to 5 cards to find that perfect skills and ability set.

At the time of this posting, Hard West is listed in the Steam sale for $7.99 @ 60% discount, and at this price it’s a must buy.
Even the full price listed on Steam at $19.99 is still worth this great title. CreativeForge Games has outdone…


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