GTA Online – Gunrunning Trailer

Gunrunning, the latest update for GTA Online, releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 13.

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20 thoughts on “GTA Online – Gunrunning Trailer”

  1. Cars are gonna be expensive! Good thing I got a rank 8000 account with over 250 billion.

  2. Just stawhp it!!!! Please!!! Give us the dlc story mode already pleaseeee or atleast explain all your mystery

  3. It's unreal they are continuing to support the game so long after release

  4. The update seems fine, but the flying bike is abit too much, like come on man, we already have a rocket voltic and ruiner 2000

  5. Sergub says says:

    Are people still playing this game?

  6. Charles 8777 says:

    too much Gun, not enough running – IGN 7.8/10


  8. The gunning for the rich, the running for the poor.Now….I Need to get my bicycle ready…..

  9. shame only people will be using this is YouTubers and every other sucker who wastes real money on shark cards

  10. GTA: Triple X (Edition)

  11. jaangsee says:

    Oh hell yes!!!!!!!!

  12. Zachary Vest says:

    Gunrunning: In which you simulate being a Bond Villain!

  13. I miss when all the expansions came to single player.

  14. Debbie Riley says:

    this game is slowly becoming Saints Row

  15. Ivo Knorr says:

    single player pls

  16. At the end they should just take all the vehicles and guns and just throw em in single player

  17. with all the money Rockstar is wasting on dlc why don't they put that money towards a gta 6?

  18. That guy says:

    COPYRIGHT ©©©©©©©

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