GPD WIN (HandHeld Gaming PC)

The worlds first handheld gaming laptop. Is it worth it?

GPD WIN( $31 7.99 with coupon: GBGPD
GPD Pocket ( $489.9 9 with coupon:GPDPOCKET


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20 thoughts on “GPD WIN (HandHeld Gaming PC)”

  1. Arturo T says:

    new video ? please

  2. Crazelord91 says:

    I have a GPD Win. One of the best purchases of my life

  3. Lim Forrand says:

    Can I ask what's the music name of your 1st BGM? The music is good

  4. Mr. Trix says:

    Can it run Overwatch?

  5. Nickm4678 says:

    does it crash, because I read the reviews and it said it crashed alot

  6. Andrew C says:

    I have one myself, and it is such a great little gaming UMPC. The most important thing when considering the GPD Win is to keep your expectations low. Don't compare its performance with dedicated gaming laptops, but use it as a little pocket laptop that you can use to fire up a PC game anywhere. I use to to play casual games like Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas and Left 4 Dead 2. Runs pretty nice on such a tiny device

  7. Modding in a cpu heatsink should resolve the heat issue.

  8. David Folsom says:

    fyi, with the warmness, there is a switch on the back, when actively gaming make sure it's on high.

  9. Mikey Torres says:

    how do you get one for free

  10. They should make a 3G version. Then it would be truly a mobile platform….Steam games on the train

  11. dancero643 says:

    Hi, Dpad is better than the GPD XD?

  12. jered hunter says:

    Does anyone here think that Ubuntu would play well with the controller?

  13. Edmar100 says:

    Wish it could've maybe been dualboot but it still looks great.

  14. Zen says:

    Where did you get it for 330

  15. I don't know why people compare this with the switch ._. they are day and night.

  16. An Tran says:

    Does yours have any crashing and driver issues? I also bought mine from Dino Direct at the beginning of September, but they're taking forever to ship (they say they shipped mid November, but for all I know my Win could be at the bottom of the sea at this point >.>) and if their shipping service is this crappy, I'll be afraid of dealing with their after-sales service so I'm really hoping that I don't get a broken unit like so many people on IGG and Geekbuying.

  17. if only it was a little bit cheaper.. intel iGPUs are great for gaming on laptops on low settings

  18. i think i'll wait for the smach z 😊

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