Godzilla Game Review PS4/PS3 English Version

The NatsumeAtari developed Godzilla game comes to PS3 and PS4 as a localized version since the original Japanese game on the PS3 released at the end of last year. It’s clearly aimed at a particular audience and hasn’t been granted a big budget. So with this in mind is the almost full price tag justified and if you do succumb will you get enough bang for your buck. Take a look at our Godzilla Game review for the full picture.

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11 thoughts on “Godzilla Game Review PS4/PS3 English Version”

  1. I do feel they could have done a better job on the ps3. only control godzilla, no online mode, less kaiju and animations. love the game regardless but really intended for the Godzilla hardcore fans imo

  2. shut ya stupid ass up sean muhsen.

  3. where did you bye the game from amazon ebay or flipcart

  4. Thank you! Finally ran into a review that's fair and the person actually knows what they're talking about. Yesterday I ran into a crappy "let's play" where the guy didn't even know the name of the kaiju in the game intro except for Godzilla and he only played through the tutorial and the very 1st stage in God of Destruction mode. Yeah it might not be GOTY worthy but if you actually play through the game it's really not that bad especially once you start unlocking the other kaiju. I've been having a blast playing as Kiryu, Super Mechagodzilla, and Biollante.

  5. Legion Beast says:

    Nice. You actually use all 10 points on the scale. Most people don't realize that a 1-10 scale means that a 5 is actually an average, enjoyable game. 5 means the game met your expectations and higher than 5 means it surpassed them. A 6.5 total for this game seems exactly what I was thinking; an above average gameplay experience though it had the potential for much more.

  6. That feel when you actually like the review of this guy over the hate bashing of IGN and Gamespot.

  7. Malik Lander says:

    Finally a fair review of this game unlike IGN sh*tty Review of this game and 6.5 is alright but the game could have done a little better but it's still fun non the less and to those who hate on the game just Don't buy it if your gonna hate on it and not look at the game Objectively

  8. Shadowstar says:

    This guy clearly played the game and done his research unlike IGN or Gamespot

  9. Sean Muhsen says:

    This game is booty

  10. Great Review Looks Like Some Good Mindless Fun

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