God Wars PS Vita Review Impressions

Hi Guys, heres my impressions video of God Wars Future Past for the PSVita after playing for around 12 hours. Its also out on the PS4, but I played it on the PS Vita. The game grew on me over time and I ended up quite liking it. So, any other PS Vita fans planning on picking this up? Leave a comment and thanks for watching.


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8 thoughts on “God Wars PS Vita Review Impressions”

  1. Onyx75 says:

    I have heard mixed reviews of this game. I am a fan of SRPG's but more on the Fire Emblem and the original Final Fantasy Tactics side less than Disgaea. I may pick this up though.

  2. Eric Silva says:

    I love Strategy RPG games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Vandal Hearts, Shining Force, Fire Emblem, Front Mission, Disgaea, etc. If you like any of these types of games you will enjoy this game and get your money's worth 100%.

  3. anijamed says:

    imo disgaea is too draggy with so many things to level up, i like srpg like stella glow or FE than disgaea

  4. are you going to review this again if you finish it? I'm still deciding if I'm going to get this or not.. to be honest Stella Glow looks better than this anyway thanks for the review impressions sir :) ..

  5. Sergey S says:

    Doesn't look like God of War.

  6. Jaguar YT says:

    I just ordered the game.Cant find it anywhere in my country.When it arrives I'll check it out.

  7. Vaibhav Shah says:

    Usually the English dub does not fit well in Japanese games. I have no clue why! Even in anime, the English voice acting is generally not up to par with the Japanese one.

  8. Eric Silva says:

    Another great video bro. I am going to pick up my copy today. I love these types of games. The wife and I look forward to your videos on Tokyo Xanadu and Summon Night 6. Take care and have a great day!! Keep up the great work.

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