Get Even review

Get Even may look like an FPS at first glance but this is definitely not what it first seems when you switch it on and begin playing. With the screen play being written by a couple of the guys that have written for mentalist Derren Brown, you’re welcomed into a world of intrigue, tech and more twists and turns than the last 6 months of world politics where you just happen to hold a gun in your hand.
You play the role of a guy called Black, a hired gun who, in the opening prologue, infiltrates an abandoned warehouse to save a girl from her kidnappers. When this all goes wrong, you then wake up in a mental asylum and are regressed through your memories by a mysterious figure called Red, who talks to you mostly through screens on the walls of the asylum, as well as through a device called the Pandora, a VR headset that pulls you into past memories where you’re asked to observe mostly. Playing around with things and killing enemies can have serious consequences later on!
Whilst the…


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