Gears of War Ultimate Edition: Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison/Analysis

Digital Foundry presents the complete lowdown on how The Coalition rebuilt the original Gears of War for Xbox One, featuring in-depth comparisons with the Xbox 360 version – and more detail on the game than you’ll ever need.

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19 thoughts on “Gears of War Ultimate Edition: Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison/Analysis”

  1. Markoi Green says:

    "One of the most visually influenced game of all time".. What the fuck?

  2. Fucking expexpepxpppxxpxpxppx +++ regen DLC fuckchit

    Fuck em awl .

  3. pikachu896 says:

    While UE is a good remaster and you can really appreciate the work put into it, the original game's art style seems to have been mostly lost, as such, I prefer the original more.

  4. Zastugueen says:

    dude why the fuck is john talking like this?? it's so weird, it's like he's trying to be a brit lmfao

  5. they ruined the death of carmine, it has less of an impact for the sake of a more realistic take, the kryll reveal also has less impact like you said, the car mission is easier and the kryll is also easier to kill with the UV and the lighting when you fight Raam is awful, I've seen so many people get obliterated by the kryll because they're taking cover in areas where in the original game would've been darker, aka Death, and have to restart the fight again because everything is way brighter and it's harder to tell which areas are safe unless you've played the original and know how it works.
    also I don't know if this is a problem in the first game but I've found myself having to stand in a specific spots a lot just to grab a gun from the floor, don't remember having that problem with the older games, the pick up area seemed to be bigger than this one, and guns are also harder to find on the floor, specially in a tight fight. They blend in with the floor too much.
    I like the remake but there are way too many things that got lost in translation, things that you'd think it would've gotten picked up easily and fixed or reworked during development, like the kryll reveal, but nope.
    the Lancer actually feeling badass was a welcome though, that thing felt like ass soup in the original one

  6. liveswired says:

    I can't help but feel most people are basing their opinion on crushed blacks and extreme bloom effects. Taking some time back, the XO remaster is impressive and loyal to the originals. Turn your contrast up and brightness down to mimic the 360 more.

  7. having both versions, i prefer the cutscenes on the ultimate edition, but as for the gameplay, i prefer the original graphics…

  8. Sovereign says:

    its like taylor swift took a marilyn manson song and the Ultimate Edition is what we got… the remaster has completely lost the originals identity and dark tone of the game. still a great remaster none the less

  9. TomQK64 says:

    Wow I think original graphics still holds up

  10. jeff peake says:

    The character models look a lot softer. The armor and faces are too smooth

  11. God damn. Watching this now makes me want to get this game, and right after I bought Gears 4.

  12. While the early areas do pull their own weight visually on 360. In my opinion, the environments in the original often fail to feel like real places. They have the same "not quite" look that Halo 2 had. In that, you get the idea well enough of what the place is or what it's trying to emulate. But, either because of hardware or artistry, it often fails to offer the finer details that truly make it "real".

    Just look at the section at 11:06. While DigitalFoundry is banging on about rain particles and atmosphere, all I can focus on is the 360's unintelligible ground textures, assets that look almost dropped in at random, the fact I couldn't even tell if the scene was happening outside or inside if it wasn't for the blinding amount of rain eating half the screen and so on… It almost looks like a procedurally generated environment from a Unity game.

    Sure, the "tone" of the area is very different, even in ways it didn't have to. The original feels claustrophobic, loud and oppressive, which is great (I'd be dumb to think those are negatives). But, the remake feels so perfectly eerie and subtle; better foreshadowing the horrors inside of the building, in my opinion.

    UE does feel very different, for sure. It's not a carbon copy like Halo 2: Anniversary or Uncharted 1 on PS4. It's very much its own thing. Side by side, it loses some and wins some… But, I can't help but feel it ends up being the better, more compelling experience, overall. The original, while good, is just too over-bloomed, joylessly grey and "gamey" to me. The Ultimate Edition just works.

  13. Wow I am watching this exactly one year later and didn't even know it. Fantastic video btw loving your attention to detail.

  14. Carter Iuni says:

    Why is John feigning an accent in this video?

  15. They should have opted for UE4 and sacrifice some of the "original feel" or whatever excuse they used for a lesser workload. Also, it was some really BS explanation Rod Fergusson used when he weaseled his way out of why this one didn't include a Horde mode. It's really sad to see no Horde mode or bots included, especially since the multiplayer scene has already died out (at least on PC).

  16. Original looks better.The game immersion cant be recreated with new graphics.

  17. 920 p , no 1080p . for me .

  18. uhkingdom says:

    looks better but the jump is way small. and new colors kinda kill the feel the original had

  19. Astral Frost says:

    They moved to something like the Gears of War 3 lighting. That really hurts it for me. The original is much darker and in keeping with the horror setting they were going for. Other than that, it's mostly a lot better.

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