GameSpot Reviews – Section 8: Prejudice Review (Xbox 360)

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Section 8: Prejudice explores well-worn territory, but a smart campaign and volatile competitive mode make this shooter rise above its generic aesthetic.


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20 thoughts on “GameSpot Reviews – Section 8: Prejudice Review (Xbox 360)”

  1. Like for a next gen remake

  2. Josh Lemon says:

    One mode? There are four.

  3. becuse it is a great game

  4. no it is much better than cod

  5. specop42 says:

    I have both game's and I think its good I saw IGN review and they said its bad its not great but its not bad of a game its fun to play I give it 8 out 10

  6. This game was actually pretty good. The campaign had a bit of a lacking storyline, but put the difficulty up to insane and you can have a really good time. And the multiplayer was great

  7. THIS CHANNEL SUCKS! Just try visiting SuperDarkling's channel, it's a joke!
    A really bad joke.

  8. I think his point is, IGN sucks because they biase games(which I agree on). They give COD a score that is very close to games like Super Mario Galaxy 2
    (it may be childish, but it's still a good game).

  9. No, being like "Oooh this is a first person shooter it sucks because its not cod" is a hater. Hope that clears up for you.

  10. It is nothing like halo….

  11. RyanCrest5 says:

    I just bought the game and found about 10 people… So yes but the numbers are dwindling

  12. not if the controls suck in a fps, dumbass

  13. Stealthafied says:


  14. Zinshy1 says:

    can you play swarm on split-screen?

  15. i Chief says:

    do people still play on the ps3?

  16. Wow dude,Never thought you would reply to this!

    Mamamia,You get a prize!

  17. Sharif says:

    So disagreeing with an opinion is being a hater. Wow, you're retarted

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