Game Review – Alliance Alive

I know what most people have been thinking when it comes to Alliance Alive, but don’t worry! This isn’t a sequel to Legend of Legacy with just a new story and different textures! Truth be told: This new title by FuRyu is far more than I could expect!


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10 thoughts on “Game Review – Alliance Alive”

  1. JordanSAP says:

    Hey, new fan since this video, keep up the good work! You seem to do a fair amount of research; it's satisfying to hear what you have to say.

  2. RutraNickers says:

    are you brazillian? Your accent seens like. I would say you're even from RJ XD

  3. neptuniafan says:

    Wow, this game looks awesome. Looks like the 3DS is not going anywhere soon, though that just makes the Switch even more redundant if it doesn't catch up.

  4. xplodax says:

    Shit, man. I completely brushed this game aside because of how Legend of Legacy turned out, but your review's pretty much convinced me to play this now!

  5. Ahmet Sen says:

    Great review as always bro. I love all the little things like recruiting characters and assigning them jobs. Looks like a real gem. Hope it'll get a western localization.

  6. Lylin Bloom says:

    Thanks for the review! Now I want this even more!

  7. Awesome review; also thanks for taking the time to do those translations on some of the menus and dialogue during the gameplay footage. That's a great touch! Its 'cuz of this channel that I took the dive on Shining Resonance, so I'm always looking forward to what imports you hunt down and highlight.

    Don't really have much on the radar that isn't already announced to be localize coming up (that Platinum Games PS4 Granblue Fantasy Re:Link is probably the biggest one that isn't announced for worldwide release so far… I mean, we all know DQXI is going to release internationally), but if you ever played Dragon Quest Heroes Slime Mori Mori 3 (Rocket Slime 3): The Great Pirate Ship something something, that would be awesome to see in my book. Love me some DQ and I was kinda bummed we didn't get that one even though we got the DS Rocket Slime/Slime Mori Mori

  8. Zev Zero says:

    Man I hope this comes out here! Great review I subscribed

  9. yoo tubee says:

    thanks for the nice review..😊 keep it up guys.

  10. Yenny 1884 says:

    Thanks for this review! I was actually surprised to see all the good reviews on this one, in Japanese of course. Nice to see the sentiment is kept with the non-Japanese as well. Putting the game into my shopping list.

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